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Meaning of DISPUTANT

Pronunciation:  di'spyootnt

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a person who disputes; who is good at or enjoys controversy

DISPUTANT is a 9 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: controversialist
 See Also: accuser, arguer, caviler, caviller, contester, crusader, debater, denier, human, individual, logomach, logomachist, meliorist, mortal, obstructer, obstructionist, obstructor, person, pettifogger, quarreler, quarreller, quibbler, radical, reformer, reformist, resister, somebody, someone, soul, thwarter



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Dis"pu*tant\, a. [L. disputants, p. pr. of disputare:
    cf. F. disputant. See {Dispute}, v. i.]
    Disputing; engaged in controversy. --Milton.
  2. \Dis"pu*tant\, n.
    One who disputes; one who argues ?? opposition to another;
    one appointed to dispute; a controvertist; a reasoner in
          A singularly eager, acute, and pertinacious disputant.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: apologist, arguer, argufier, battler, belligerent, belted knight, bickerer, bitter-ender, blade, bravo, brawler, bully, bullyboy, casuist, combatant, competitor, contender, contestant, controversialist, debater, defendant, diehard, disceptator, dissentient, dissident, duelist, enforcer, fencer, feuder, fighter, fighting cock, foilsman, gamecock, gladiator, goon, gorilla, guardhouse lawyer, hatchet man, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, intransigent, irreconcilable, jouster, knight, last-ditcher, litigant, logomacher, logomachist, militant, mooter, naysayer, negativist, noncooperator, objector, obstructionist, obstructive, opposer, oppositionist, Philadelphia lawyer, pilpulist, plaintiff, plug-ugly, polemic, polemicist, polemist, protester, quarreler, resister, rioter, rival, rough, rowdy, ruffian, sabreur, scrapper, scuffler, squabbler, strong arm, strong-arm man, strong-armer, struggler, swashbuckler, sword, swordplayer, swordsman, thug, tilter, tough, tussler, wrangler