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Pronunciation:  bu'lijurunt

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  someone who fights (or is fighting)
  2. [adj]  characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight; "aggressive acts against another country"; "a belligerent tone"
  3. [adj]  engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"; "a fighting war"

BELLIGERENT is a 11 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: aggressive, battler, combatant, fighter, fighting, hostile, militant, scrapper, unpeaceful, war-ridden, warring
 See Also: boxer, brawler, butter, defender, fencer, gamecock, gladiator, gouger, grappler, hell-kite, hell-rooster, human, individual, master, matman, mauler, mortal, person, pugilist, skirmisher, slasher, somebody, someone, soul, street fighter, superior, swordsman, tough, victor, withstander, wrestler



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Bel*lig"er*ent\, a. [L. bellum war + gerens,
    -entis, waging, p. pr. of gerere to wage: cf. F.
    bellig['e]rant. See {Bellicose}, {Jest}.]
    1. Waging war; carrying on war. ``Belligerent powers.'' --E.
    2. Pertaining, or tending, to war; of or relating to
       belligerents; as, a belligerent tone; belligerent rights.
  2. \Bel*lig"er*ent\, n.
    A nation or state recognized as carrying on war; a person
    engaged in warfare.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acrid, aggressive, antagonist, antagonistic, antipathetic, ardent, argumental, argumentative, attacking, battler, battling, bellicose, belted knight, bickerer, bickering, bitter, blade, bloodthirsty, bloody, bloody-minded, bravo, brawler, bully, bullyboy, cat-and-dog, cat-and-doggish, caustic, chauvinist, chauvinistic, clashing, colliding, combatant, combative, competitor, conflicting, contender, contentious, contestant, controversial, despiteful, disputant, disputatious, divisive, duelist, enemy, enforcer, eristic, factional, factious, fencer, ferocious, feuder, fierce, fighter, fighting, fighting cock, foilsman, full of fight, full of hate, gamecock, gladiator, goon, gorilla, hatchet man, hateful, hawk, hawkish, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, hostile, hot, inimical, invading, irascible, irritable, jingo, jingoish, jingoist, jingoistic, jouster, knight, litigious, malevolent, malicious, malignant, martial, militant, militaristic, military, offensive, partisan, plug-ugly, polarizing, polemic, pugnacious, quarreler, quarrelsome, rancorous, repugnant, rioter, rival, rough, rowdy, ruffian, saber-rattling, sabreur, sanguinary, sanguineous, savage, scrapper, scrappy, scuffler, set against, shrewish, soldierlike, soldierly, sore, spiteful, squabbler, strong arm, strong-arm man, strong-armer, struggler, swashbuckler, sword, swordplayer, swordsman, tempered, thug, tilter, tough, trigger-happy, truculent, tussler, unfriendly, unpacific, unpeaceable, unpeaceful, venomous, virulent, vitriolic, warlike, warmonger, warmongering, warring, wrangler, wrangling