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Meaning of DIEHARD

Pronunciation:  'dI`hârd

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  one who adheres to traditional views

DIEHARD is a 7 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: traditionalist
 See Also: conservative, conservativist, Rip van Winkle



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ass, bigot, Bircher, bitter-ender, Bourbon, brawler, bullethead, conservationist, conservatist, conservative, defendant, disputant, dissentient, dissident, dogmatist, donkey, extreme right-winger, fanatic, fogy, fundamentalist, hard hat, hardnose, imperialist, intransigeant, intransigent, irreconcilable, last-ditcher, laudator temporis acti, litigant, maverick, monarchist, mossback, mule, naysayer, negativist, noncooperator, objector, obstructionist, obstructive, old, old fogy, old school, opposer, oppositionist, perverse fool, pighead, plaintiff, positivist, protester, purist, quarreler, radical right, reactionarist, reactionary, reactionist, resister, right, right wing, rightist, right-winger, royalist, scrapper, social Darwinist, standpat, standpatter, stick-in-the-mud, stickler, Tory, ultraconservative, white, wrangler