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Meaning of BICKERING

Pronunciation:  'bikuring

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  petty quarrel

BICKERING is a 9 letter word that starts with B.


 Synonyms: bicker, fuss, spat, squabble, tiff
 See Also: dustup, quarrel, row, run-in, words, wrangle



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Bick"er*ing\, n.
1. A skirmishing. ``Frays and bickerings.'' --Milton.

2. Altercation; wrangling.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aflicker, aggressive, aggressiveness, altercation, apologetics, apologia, apology, argument, argumentation, bellicose, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerent, bicker, blinking, boggling, captious, captiousness, casuistry, cat-and-dog life, caviling, chicane, chicanery, choplogic, combat, combative, combativeness, conflict, contention, contentiousness, contest, contestation, controversy, cut and thrust, dancing, debate, defense, disputation, disputatious, dispute, dissension, dissent, dissidence, divisive, dodging, embroilment, enmity, equivocation, equivocatory, eristic, evasion, evasive, faction, factional, factious, factiousness, fencing, fighting, flak, flashing, flickering, flickery, flicky, fluttering, fluttery, flyting, hairsplitting, hassle, hedging, hostility, hubbub, infighting, irascibility, irascible, irritability, irritable, Kilkenny cats, lambent, litigation, litigious, litigiousness, logic-chopping, logomachy, nit-picking, paltering, paper war, parrying, partisan, partisan spirit, partisanship, passage of arms, pettifoggery, petty, picayune, playing, polarizing, polemic, polemics, prevarication, pugnacious, pugnacity, pussyfooting, quarrel, quarreling, quarrelsome, quarrelsomeness, quibbling, quivering, quivery, rhubarb, row, run-in, scrapping, set-to, shifting, shrewish, shrewishness, shuffling, sidestepping, spat, squabble, squabbling, strife, stroboscopic, struggle, subterfuge, tergiversation, trichoschistic, trichoschistism, trifling, trivial, verbal engagement, war, war of words, warfare, wavering, wavery, words, wrangle, wrangling