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Meaning of MODEL

Pronunciation:  'mâdl

Matching Terms:  mode, mode bit, modecate, modef, model checking, model organisms, model t, model view controller, model(a), model-based coder, modeled, modeler, modeling, modelize, modeller, modelling, modem, modem7, modena, modenese, moder, moderable, moderance, moderate, moderate breeze, moderate gale, moderated, moderately, moderateness, moderating, moderation, moderationist, moderatism, moderato, moderator, moderatorship, moderatress, moderatrix, modern, modern ballet, modern dance, modern english, modern era, modern font, modern greek, modern hebrew, modern jazz, modern man, modern times, modern world, modern-day, moderne, modernisation, modernise, modernised, modernism, modernist, modernistic, modernity, modernization, modernize, modernized, modernizer, modernly, modernness, modest, modest moussorgsky, modest mussorgsky, modest petrovich moussorgsky, modest petrovich mussorgsky, modestly, modestness, modesty

Computing Dictionary
  1. A pascal-like language with extensions for large-scale system programming and interface with fortran applications. MODEL includes generic procedures, and a "static" macro-like approach to data abstraction. It produces p-code and was used to implement the demos operating system on the cray-1.

    ["A Manual for the MODEL Programming Language", J.B. Morris, Los Alamos 1976].

  2. A description of observed behaviour, simplified by ignoring certain details. Models allow complex systems to be understood and their behaviour predicted within the scope of the model, but may give incorrect descriptions and predictions for situations outside the realm of their intended use. A model may be used as the basis for simulation.

    Note: British spelling: "modelling", US: "modeling".

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: admirable, aesthetic form, apotheosis, archetypal, archetype, archetypical, arrangement, art form, assemble, barometer, bathing beauty, beau ideal, beaut, beauty, beauty contest winner, beauty queen, belle, beyond all praise, block out, brand, build, bunny, burlesque, bust, canon, canon form, carve, carving, cast, charmer, chase, check, chisel, classic, classical, clone, commendable, companion, complex idea, configuration, conformation, consummate, copy, copy after, counterpart, cover girl, cream, create, creditable, criterion, cut, dazzler, dead ringer, degree, deserving, design, developed, display, ditto, doll, dolly, double, dream, dummy, dupe, duplicate, duplication, effigy, efform, emblem, embodiment, emulate, enchantress, engrave, epitome, estimable, eternal object, eternal universal, exact likeness, example, exemplar, exemplary, expert, fabricate, facsimile, fantoccini, fashion, fellow, figuration, figure, figurehead, figurine, finished, fix, flawless, follow, follow like sheep, follow suit, forge, form, formal cause, formalize, format, formation, found, frame, fugue form, fully developed, gauge, Geistesgeschichte, genre, gingerbread man, good example, graduated scale, grave, great beauty, Hegelian idea, hew, highest category, history of ideas, icon, ideal, idealism, ideate, ideatum, idee-force, idol, image, imitate, imitation, impression, indefectible, inimitable, innate idea, inner form, innovation, insculpture, Kantian idea, kind, knead, knock out, knockoff, knockout, lady fair, laudable, lay figure, lay out, layout, lick into shape, lied form, likeness, living image, living picture, looker, make, makeup, man of men, man of straw, manikin, mannequin, marionette, mark, masterful, masterly, match, mate, matrix, mature, matured, measure, meritorious, miniature, mint, mirror, mirroring, Miss America, mock-up, modality, mode, model after, mold, monument, mould, ne plus ultra, new departure, nonesuch, nonpareil, noosphere, norm, noumenon, original, paradigm, paradigmatic, paragon, parameter, paraphrase, parody, pattern, pattern after, peach, percept, perfect, perfected, photograph, picture, pilot model, pinup, pinup girl, Platonic form, Platonic idea, pocket edition, polished, portrait, portrait bust, poser, praiseworthy, precedential, primary form, produce, proficient, prototypal, prototype, puppet, pussycat, quadruplicate, quantity, quintessence, quintessential, raving beauty, reading, readout, refined, reflection, regulative first principle, reigning beauty, repetition, replica, replication, representation, representative, reproduction, resemblance, ripe, ripened, rondo form, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, rubbing, rule, scale, scarecrow, sculp, sculpt, sculpture, semblance, set, sex kitten, shadow, shape, shining example, show off, significant form, similitude, simple idea, simulacrum, sitter, slick chick, snowman, solder, sonata allegro, sonata form, sort, spit and image, spitting image, sport, stamp, standard, statuary, statue, statuette, structure, stunner, style, subject, subsistent form, symbol, symphonic form, tailor, take after, test, the Absolute, the Absolute Idea, the realized ideal, the Self-determined, thermoform, toccata form, touchstone, trace, tracing, transcendent idea, transcendent nonempirical concept, transcendent universal, travesty, triplicate, turn, twin, type, typical, unexceptionable, universal, universal concept, universal essence, value, variety, version, very, very image, very picture, wax figure, waxwork, wear, weld, well-deserving, wood carving, work, worthy, yardstick