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Pronunciation:  pru'feshunl

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an authority qualified to teach apprentices
  2. [n]  a person engaged in one of the learned professions
  3. [n]  an athlete who plays for pay
  4. [adj]  engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or means of livelihood; "the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications"; "began her professional career after the Olympics"; "professional theater"; "professional football"; "a professional cook"; "professional actors and athletes"
  5. [adj]  characteristic of or befitting a profession or one engaged in a profession; "professional conduct"; "professional ethics"; "a thoroughly professional performance"
  6. [adj]  engaged in by members of a profession; "professional occupations include medicine and the law and teaching"
  7. [adj]  of or relating to a profession; "we need professional advice"; "professional training"; "professional equipment for his new office"
  8. [adj]  of or relating to or suitable as a profession; "professional organizations"; "a professional field such as law"

PROFESSIONAL is a 12 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: expert, master, nonrecreational, paid, pro, professed(a), professional person, white-collar
 Antonyms: amateur, nonprofessional, unprofessional
 See Also: adult, athlete, attorney, authority, bibliothec, careerist, caregiver, craftsman, critic, educator, free agent, grownup, health care provider, health professional, jock, lawyer, librarian, past master, pedagogue, practician, practitioner, professional organisation, professional organization, publisher, semipro, semiprofessional, yuppie



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Pro*fes"sion*al\, a.
    1. Of or pertaining to a profession, or calling; conforming
       to the rules or standards of a profession; following a
       profession; as, professional knowledge; professional
       conduct. ``Pride, not personal, but professional.''
       --Macaulay. ``A professional sneerer.'' --De Quincey.
    2. Engaged in by professionals; as, a professional race; --
       opposed to {amateur}.
  2. \Pro*fes"sion*al\, n.
    A person who prosecutes anything professionally, or for a
    livelihood, and not in the character of an amateur; a
    professional worker.