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Meaning of DOLL

Pronunciation:  dâl

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a small replica of a person; used as a toy
  2. [n]  informal terms for a (young) woman

DOLL is a 4 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: bird, chick, dame, dolly, skirt, wench
 See Also: fille, girl, golliwog, golliwogg, miss, missy, plaything, puppet, rag doll, sawdust doll, toy, toy soldier, young lady, young woman



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Doll\, n. [A contraction of Dorothy; or less prob. an
abbreviation of idol; or cf. OD. dol a whipping top, D.
dollen to rave, and E. dull.]
A child's puppet; a toy baby for a little girl.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that a doll comes to life means your desires to be someone else and escape from your present problems and responsibilities. Dolls may serve as a means to act out your wishes. Seeing a doll in your dream, symbolizes childhood innocence and light-hearted fun. Dreaming that you are playing with a doll, represents a lack of communication between you conscious and unconscious mind. You may also have an immature attitude towards the opposite sex.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: agate, angel, babe, baby, baby-doll, ball, baseball bat, bat, battledore, bauble, biddy, bird, bitch, blocks, brick, broad, bust, buttercup, carving, checkerboard, cherub, chessboard, chick, chickabiddy, club, cockhorse, colleen, crackerjack, cricket bat, cue, cutie, dame, damoiselle, damsel, darling, dear, deary, demoiselle, doll carriage, dolly, duck, duckling, dummy, duodecimo, Elzevir, fantoccini, figure, figurehead, figurine, filly, frail, gal, gewgaw, gimcrack, gingerbread man, girl, girlie, golf club, good egg, good guy, good Joe, heifer, hen, hobbyhorse, hon, honey, honey bunch, honey child, hoyden, jack-in-the-box, jacks, jackstones, jackstraws, Jane, jeune fille, jill, junior miss, kickshaw, knickknack, lamb, lambkin, lass, lassie, lay figure, likely lad, little missy, love, lover, mademoiselle, maid, maiden, man of straw, manikin, mannequin, marble, marionette, microcosm, mig, mini, miniature, minny, minx, miss, missy, model, monument, nice guy, no slouch, nymphet, paper doll, pet, petkins, pick-up sticks, piece, pinwheel, plaything, portrait bust, precious, precious heart, puppet, pussycat, racket, rag doll, rocking horse, romp, scarecrow, schoolgirl, schoolmaid, schoolmiss, sculpture, skirt, slip, snookums, snowman, sport, statuary, statue, statuette, steelie, stout fellow, subdeb, subdebutante, subminiature, subteen, subteener, sugar, sweet, sweetheart, sweetie, sweetkins, sweets, taw, teenybopper, teetotum, tomato, tomboy, top, toy, toy soldier, trinket, trump, twelvemo, virgin, wax figure, waxwork, wench, whim-wham, wood carving, young creature, young thing