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Meaning of SWING

Pronunciation:  swing

Matching Terms:  swinburne, swinck, swindle, swindler, swindlery, swine, swinebread, swinecase, swinecote, swinecrue, swineery, swinefish, swineherd, swinepipe, swine-pox, swinestone, swinesty, swing about, swing around, swing door, swing music, swing out, swing over, swing shift, swing voter, swingdevil, swinge, swingebuckler, swingeing, swingel, swinger, swinging, swinging chad, swinging door, swinging post, swingle, swinglebar, swingletail, swingletree, swingling, swingtree, swingy, swinish, swink, swinker, swinney

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are on a swing, represents an expression of great satisfaction and freedom. It also symbolizes cycles and movement. Alternatively, it means a desire for sexual variety. Seeing a swing set in your dream indicates memories from childhood. You may feel a need to escape from your current responsibilities and relax. Dreaming that you are swinging, suggests that you are going back and forth in some situation and need to make up your mind.