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Meaning of LATERAL

Pronunciation:  'laturul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
  2. [adj]  lying away from the median and sagittal plane of a body; "lateral lemniscus"
  3. [adj]  situated at or extending to the side; "the lateral branches of a tree"; "shot out sidelong boughs"- Tennyson

LATERAL is a 7 letter word that starts with L.


 Synonyms: distal, lateral pass, side(a), sidelong
 See Also: pass, passing, passing game, passing play



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Lat"er*al\, a. [L. lateralis, fr. latus, lateris, side:
cf. F. lat['e]ral.]
1. Of or pertaining to the sides; as, the lateral walls of a
   house; the lateral branches of a tree.

2. (Anat.) Lying at, or extending toward, the side; away from
   the mesial plane; external; -- opposed to {mesial}.

3. Directed to the side; as, a lateral view of a thing.

{Lateral cleavage} (Crystallog.), cleavage parallel to the
   lateral planes.

{Lateral equation} (Math.), an equation of the first degree.

{Lateral line} (Anat.), in fishes, a line of sensory organs
   along either side of the body, often marked by a distinct
   line of color.

{Lateral pressure} or {stress} (Mech.), a pressure or stress
   at right angles to the length, as of a beam or bridge; --
   distinguished from longitudinal pressure or stress.

{Lateral strength} (Mech.), strength which resists a tendency
   to fracture arising from lateral pressure.

{Lateral system} (Bridge Building), the system of horizontal
   braces (as between two vertical trusses) by which lateral
   stiffness is secured.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: The side of the body or body part that is farther from the middle or center (median) of the body.
Biology Dictionary
  1. At the side of, or directed to the side
  2. A man-made channel used to convey water from a canal to its delivery point.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: accented, allophone, alveolar, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, articulated, articulation, aspiration, assimilated, assimilation, back, barytone, bifacial, bilabial, bilateral, bowl, broad, cacuminal, cast, central, cerebral, change of pace, change-up, check, checked, chuck, chunk, close, consonant, consonantal, continuant, curve, dental, dihedral, diphthong, dissimilated, dissimilation, dorsal, downcurve, edge, epenthetic vowel, explosive, fastball, flanked, flanking, flat, fling, flip, forward pass, front, glancing, glide, glossal, glottal, glottalization, go crabwise, go sideways, guttural, handed, hard, heave, heavy, high, hurl, incurve, intonated, knuckleball, labial, labialization, labiodental, labiovelar, laryngeal, lateral pass, lateralize, lax, lee, leeward, light, lingual, liquid, lob, low, make leeway, manner of articulation, many-sided, mid, modification, monophthong, monophthongal, morphophoneme, multilateral, mute, muted, narrow, nasal, nasalized, next-beside, occlusive, one-sided, open, outcurve, oxytone, palatal, palatalized, parasitic vowel, pass, peak, peg, pharyngeal, pharyngealization, pharyngealized, phone, phoneme, phonemic, phonetic, phonic, pitch, pitched, plosive, polyhedral, posttonic, prothetic vowel, put, quadrilateral, retroflex, rounded, screwball, segmental phoneme, semivowel, serve, service, shot-put, shy, side, sided, sideling, sidelong, sideslip, sidestep, sideward, sidewards, sideway, sideways, sidewise, sidle, sinker, skew, skid, skirting, slider, sling, soft, sonant, sonority, speech sound, spitball, spitter, stop, stopped, stressed, strong, surd, syllabic, syllabic nucleus, syllabic peak, syllable, tense, tetrahedral, thick, three-sided, throaty, throw, tonal, tonic, toss, transition sound, trihedral, trilateral, triphthong, triquetrous, twangy, two-sided, unaccented, unilateral, unrounded, unstressed, upcurve, veer, velar, vocable, vocalic, vocoid, voice, voiced, voiced sound, voiceless, voiceless sound, voicing, vowel, vowellike, weak, weather, wide, windward