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Meaning of MOVING

Pronunciation:  'mooving

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  arousing or capable of arousing deep emotion; "she laid her case of destitution before him in a very moving letter"- N. Hawthorne
  2. [adj]  in motion; "a constantly moving crowd"; "the moving parts of the machine"
  3. [adj]  used of a series of photographs presented so as to create the illusion of motion; "Her ambition was to be in moving pictures or `the movies'"

MOVING is a 6 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: active, affecting, aflare, afoot(p), agitated, ahorse(p), ahorseback(p), animated, approaching, automotive, awheel, billowing, blown, bouncing, bounding, circling, circulating, crawling, creeping, curling, darting, fast-flying, flailing, flaring, fleeing(a), fleeting, flittering, floating, flowing, fluttering, flying, haunting, heartwarming, heaving, hurling, hurtling, itinerant, jolting, jouncing, jumping, kinetic, leaping, marching, milling, mobile, on the move(p), oncoming, passing(a), poignant, restless, revolving, riding, road, rolling, rotating, running(a), rushing, scampering(a), self-propelled, self-propelling, shifting, shuffling, soaring, soul-stirring, spinning, springing, squirming, stirring, streaming, swaying, sweeping, swinging, swirling, thrashing, tossing, touching, touring, tramping, trampling, traveling, tumbling, turning, twisting, unreeling, unwinding, vibrating, vibratory, walking(a), waving, wheeling, whirling, wiggling, wiggly, wriggling, wriggly, writhing
 Antonyms: nonmoving, still, unmoving
 See Also: emotional, impressive, stimulating



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Mov"ing\, a.
    1. Changing place or posture; causing motion or action; as, a
       moving car, or power.
    2. Exciting movement of the mind; adapted to move the
       sympathies, passions, or affections; touching; pathetic;
       as, a moving appeal.
             I sang an old moving story.           --Coleridge.
    {Moving force} (Mech.), a force that accelerates, retards, or
       deflects the motion of a body.
    {Moving plant} (Bot.), a leguminous plant ({Desmodium
       gyrans}); -- so called because its leaflets have a
       distinct automatic motion.
  2. \Mov"ing\, n.
    The act of changing place or posture; esp., the act of
    changing one's dwelling place or place of business.
    {Moving day}, a day when one moves; esp., a day when a large
       number of tenants change their dwelling place.
Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are moving away means your desire or need for change. It may also mean an end to a situation or relationship and your are moving on. Alternatively, it indicates your determination and issues regarding dependence/independence.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: active, activity, actuating, actuation, advancing, affecting, affective, afflictive, agitating, ambulant, ambulative, ambulatory, amotion, animating, animation, arousing, awakening, bitter, bleak, breathless, breathtaking, causal, causative, charged, cheerless, circuit-riding, cliff-hanging, comfortless, commutation, compelling, course, crossing, delocalization, deplorable, depressing, depressive, dignified, direction, directive, discomforting, dismal, dismaying, displacement, disquieting, distracting, distressful, distressing, disturbing, doleful, dolorific, dolorogenic, dolorous, dreary, driving, dynamics, effective, electric, elevated, eloquent, emotional, emotive, exciting, exhilarating, expeditionary, expressive, facund, forward, forward-looking, galvanic, globe-girdling, globe-trotting, go-ahead, going, grand, grave, grievous, gripping, heady, heart-expanding, heartrending, heart-stirring, heart-swelling, heart-thrilling, impellent, impelling, impressive, impulsive, in motion, inducive, inflammatory, influence, inner-direction, inspirational, inspiring, intoxicating, itinerant, itinerary, jarring, jolting, journeying, joyless, kinematics, kinesipathy, kinesis, kinesitherapy, kinetics, lamentable, locomotion, locomotive, lofty, maddening, majestic, meaningful, mind-blowing, mobile, mobilization, motile, motion, motivating, motivation, motivational, motive, motor, mournful, move, movement, mundivagant, noble, on the move, on tour, oncoming, ongoing, onward, operating, other-direction, overcoming, overmastering, overpowering, overwhelming, painful, passage, passing, pathetic, pedestrian, perambulating, perambulatory, peregrinative, peregrine, peripatetic, persuasive, perturbing, pilgrimlike, piquant, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, poignant, pregnant, pressing, proceeding, progress, progressing, progressive, prompting, propellant, propelling, provocative, provoking, pulsive, quickening, rallying, ravishing, regrettable, relocation, remotion, removal, removement, restlessness, rousing, rueful, running, sad, saddening, sententious, serious, sharp, shift, significant, solemn, sore, sorrowful, soul-stirring, spirit-stirring, stately, stimulating, stimulation, stimulative, stir, stirring, striking, strolling, sublime, suspenseful, suspensive, tantalizing, telling, thrilling, thrilly, thrusting, touching, touring, tourism, touristic, touristry, touristy, traject, trajet, transit, transitional, travel, traveling, trekking, troubling, uncomfortable, unfixed, unrest, unsettling, unstable, unsteadfast, unsteady, upsetting, urgent, velocity, walking, wayfaring, weighty, woebegone, woeful, working, wretched