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Meaning of SAINT

Pronunciation:  seynt

Matching Terms:  sain, sainfoin, saint agnes's eve, saint andrew, saint andrew the apostle, saint andrews static language, saint anselm, saint anthony's fire, saint athanasius, saint augustine, saint baeda, saint beda, saint bede, saint benedict, saint bernard, saint bride, saint bridget, saint brigid, saint christopher, saint christopher-nevis, saint cloud, saint crispin, saint david, saint denis, saint dominic, saint edward the confessor, saint edward the martyr, saint elizabeth ann bayley seton, saint elmo's fire, saint elmo's light, saint emilion, saint eustatius, saint francis, saint francis of assisi, saint francis river, saint francis xavier, saint george, saint gregory i, saint ignatius, saint ignatius' itch, saint ignatius of loyola, saint james, saint james the apostle, saint joan, saint john, saint john the apostle, saint johns, saint john's, saint johns river, saint joseph, saint jude, saint kitts, saint kitts and nevis, saint lawrence, saint lawrence river, saint lawrence seaway, saint louis, saint lucia, saint luke, saint maarten, saint mark, saint martin, saint martin's summer, saint matthew, saint matthew the apostle, saint nicholas, saint nick, saint olaf, saint olav, saint patrick, saint patrick's day, saint paul, saint peter, saint peter the apostle, saint peter's wreath, saint petersburg, saint thomas, saint thomas a becket, saint thomas aquinas, saint ulmo's fire, saint ulmo's light, saint valentine's day, saint vincent, saint vincent and the grenadines, saint vitus dance, saint-bernard's-lily, saintdom, sainted, saintess, sainthood, saintish, saintism, saint-john's-bread, saintlike, saintliness, saintly, saint-mihiel, saintologist, saintpaulia, saintpaulia ionantha, saint's day, saints peter and paul, saint-saens, saintship, saint-simonian, saint-simonianism, saint-simonism

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a saint in your dream indicates that a special message is being given to you from the spiritual realm.