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Meaning of TURNIP

Pronunciation:  'turnip

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  root of any of several members of the mustard family
  2. [n]  widely cultivated plant having a large fleshy edible white or yellow root

TURNIP is a 6 letter word that starts with T.


 Synonyms: Brassica rapa, white turnip
 See Also: Brassica, cruciferous vegetable, genus Brassica, root vegetable, rutabaga, swede, swedish turnip, turnip greens, turnip plant, turnip plant, white turnip, yellow turnip



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Tur"nip\, n. [OE. turnep; probably fr. turn, or F. tour
a turn, turning lathe + OE. nepe a turnip, AS. n[=ae]pe, L.
napus. Cf. {Turn},v. t., {Navew}.] (Bot.)
The edible, fleshy, roundish, or somewhat conical, root of a
cruciferous plant ({Brassica campestris}, var. {Napus});
also, the plant itself. [Formerly written also {turnep}.]

{Swedish turnip} (Bot.), a kind of turnip. See {Ruta-baga}.

{Turnip flea} (Zo["o]l.), a small flea-beetle ({Haltica, or
   Phyllotreta, striolata}), which feeds upon the turnip, and
   often seriously injures it. It is black with a stripe of
   yellow on each elytron. The name is also applied to
   several other small insects which are injurious to
   turnips. See Illust. under {Flea-beetle}.

{Turnip fly}. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) The turnip flea.
(b) A two-winged fly ({Anthomyia radicum}) whose larv[ae]
    live in the turnip root.

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing or eating turnips in your dream indicates that you will overcome your current problems. It is symbolic of compassion, wealth, or a bright outlook.