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Meaning of SODA

Pronunciation:  'sowdu

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring; "in New England they call sodas tonics"
  2. [n]  a sodium salt of carbonic acid; used in making soap powders and glass and paper

SODA is a 4 letter word that starts with S.


 Synonyms: pop, sal soda, soda ash, soda pop, soda water, sodium carbonate, tonic, washing soda
 See Also: carbonated water, club soda, salt, seltzer, soft drink, sparkling water



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\So"da\, n. [It., soda, in OIt., ashes used in making
glass, fr. L. solida, fem. of solidus solid; solida having
probably been a name of glasswort. See {Solid}.] (Chem.)
(a) Sodium oxide or hydroxide.
(b) Popularly, sodium carbonate or bicarbonate.

{Caustic soda}, sodium hydroxide.

{Cooking soda}, sodium bicarbonate. [Colloq.]

{Sal soda}. See {Sodium carbonate}, under {Sodium}.

{Soda alum} (Min.), a mineral consisting of the hydrous
   sulphate of alumina and soda.

{Soda ash}, crude sodium carbonate; -- so called because
   formerly obtained from the ashes of sea plants and certain
   other plants, as saltwort ({Salsola}). See under {Sodium}.

{Soda fountain}, an apparatus for drawing soda water, fitted
   with delivery tube, faucets, etc.

{Soda lye}, a lye consisting essentially of a solution of
   sodium hydroxide, used in soap making.

{Soda niter}. See {Nitratine}.

{Soda salts}, salts having sodium for the base; specifically,
   sodium sulphate or Glauber's salts.

{Soda waste}, the waste material, consisting chiefly of
   calcium hydroxide and sulphide, which accumulates as a
   useless residue or side product in the ordinary Leblanc
   process of soda manufacture; -- called also {alkali

{Soda water}, originally, a beverage consisting of a weak
   solution of sodium bicarbonate, with some acid to cause
   effervescence; now, in common usage, a beverage consisting
   of water highly charged with carbon dioxide (carbonic
   acid). Fruit sirups, cream, etc., are usually added to
   give flavor. See {Carbonic acid}, under {Carbonic}.

{Washing soda}, sodium carbonate. [Colloq.]

Computing Dictionary

Symbolic Optimum DEUCE Assembly Program.

The symbolic assembler for a one-level storage virtual machine for the english electric deuce.

["SODA Manual of Operation", R. C. Brigham and C. G. Bell, School of Elec Eng, U New S Wales, Sydney, NSW (1958)].