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Meaning of MOUNTAIN

Pronunciation:  'mawntn

Matching Terms:  mountain alder, mountain andromeda, mountain anemone, mountain ash, mountain avens, mountain azalea, mountain beaver, mountain bike, mountain birch, mountain blacksnake, mountain bladder fern, mountain blue berry, mountain box, mountain chain, mountain chinchilla, mountain clematis, mountain climber, mountain climbing, mountain clubmoss, mountain cranberry, mountain daisy, mountain devil, mountain ebony, mountain everlasting, mountain fern, mountain fetterbush, mountain fever, mountain four o'clock, mountain goat, mountain gorilla, mountain grape, mountain heath, mountain hemlock, mountain hollyhock, mountain lady's slipper, mountain laurel, mountain lily, mountain lion, mountain male fern, mountain man, mountain maple, mountain mint, mountain nyala, mountain oak, mountain paca, mountain parsley fern, mountain partridge, mountain pass, mountain peak, mountain phlox, mountain pine, mountain pride, mountain quail, mountain range, mountain rice, mountain rimu, mountain rose, mountain sandwort, mountain sheep, mountain sickness, mountain skink, mountain specter, mountain spinach, mountain spleenwort, mountain standard time, mountain starwort, mountain state, mountain sumac, mountain swamp gum, mountain tea, mountain tent, mountain time, mountain trail, mountain viscacha, mountain watercress, mountain zebra, mountain(a), mountaineer, mountaineering, mountainer, mountainet, mountainous, mountainousness, mountainside

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing mountains in your dream means many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. If you are on top of the mountain, then it means that you have achieved and realized your goals. Alternatively, mountains indicates a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth. Dreaming that you are climbing a mountain means your determination and ambition. Dreaming that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abundance, accumulation, acres, alp, bags, bald, bank, bar, barrel, barrels, bilge, blain, bleb, blister, blob, bluff, boss, bow, bubble, bulb, bulge, bulla, bump, bunch, burl, bushel, butte, button, cahot, chine, clump, condyle, convex, copiousness, countlessness, dome, dowel, drift, ear, elevation, eminence, Everest, fell, flange, flap, flood, gall, gnarl, great deal, handle, heap, heaps, height, hill, hump, hunch, impediment, jog, joggle, knob, knot, knur, knurl, lip, load, lofty mountains, loop, lot, lump, mass, mesa, mole, mound, mount, much, multitude, nevus, nub, nubbin, nubble, numerousness, obstruction, ocean, oceans, Olympus, papilloma, peak, peck, peg, pile, piles, plenitude, plenty, profusion, prominence, pyramid, quantities, quantity, rib, ridge, ring, rub, sea, shock, shoulder, sierra, sight, snag, spate, spine, stack, stacks, stud, stumbling block, style, summit, superabundance, superfluity, tab, the wooded mountains, tons, tor, towering alps, tubercle, tubercule, verruca, vesicle, volcano, volume, wale, wart, welt, world, worlds