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Meaning of PERENNIAL

Pronunciation:  pu'reneeul

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a plant lasting for three seasons or more
  2. [adj]  recurring again and again; "perennial efforts to stipulate the requirements"
  3. [adj]  (botany) lasting three seasons or more; "the common buttercup is a popular perennial plant"
  4. [adj]  lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal; "perennial happiness"

PERENNIAL is a 9 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: continual, long, recurrent, repeated
 Antonyms: annual, biennial, one-year, two-year
 See Also: button snakeroot, Eryngium yuccifolium, flora, plant, plant life, rattlesnake master, rattlesnake's master



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Per*en"ni*al\, a. [L. perennis that lasts the whole
    year through; per through + annus year. See {Per-}, and
    1. ing or continuing through the year; as, perennial
    2. Continuing without cessation or intermission; perpetual;
       unceasing; never failing.
             The perennial existence of bodies corporate.
    3. (Bot.) Continuing more than two years; as, a perennial
       steam, or root, or plant.
    Syn: Perpetual; unceasing; never failing; enduring;
         continual; permanent; uninterrupted.
  2. \Per*en"ni*al\, n. (Bot.)
    A perennial plant; a plant which lives or continues more than
    two years, whether it retains its leaves in winter or not.
Biology Dictionary
  1. Refers to a plant that lives for more than two years; it may or may not lose its leaves or seem to die back at the end of a growing season.
  2. Lasting throughout the year, as for continually flowing streams.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abiding, aged, age-long, amphibian, ancient, angiosperm, annual, antique, aquatic plant, articulated, biennial, catenated, ceaseless, chattering, chronic, concatenated, connected, constant, continual, continued, continuing, continuous, cosmopolite, cutting, cyclical, deciduous, deciduous plant, dicot, dicotyledon, direct, diuturnal, durable, endless, enduring, ephemeral, eternal, ever-blooming, evergreen, everlasting, ever-new, exotic, featureless, flowering plant, fungus, gametophyte, gapless, gymnosperm, half-hardy, hardy, hydrophyte, immediate, immortal, immutable, imperishable, incessant, indeciduous, interminable, intransient, inveterate, joined, jointless, lasting, lifelong, linked, longeval, longevous, long-lasting, long-lived, long-standing, long-term, machine gun, macrobiotic, monocot, monocotyl, monotonous, never-ending, never-failing, nonstop, of long duration, of long standing, old, oscillating, perdurable, perduring, periodic, permanent, perpetual, persistent, persisting, plant, polycot, polycotyl, polycotyledon, pulsating, rapid, recurrent, regular, remaining, repeated, repetitive, round-the-clock, running, seamless, seed plant, seedling, sempervirent, sempiternal, serried, smooth, spermatophyte, sporophyte, stable, staccato, staying, steadfast, steady, straight, stuttering, sustained, thallophyte, timeless, tough, triennial, twenty-four-hour, unbroken, unceasing, unchanging, undifferentiated, undying, unending, unfading, unfailing, uniform, unintermitted, unintermittent, unintermitting, uninterrupted, unrelieved, unremitting, unstopped, unvarying, vascular plant, vegetable, vibrating, vital, weed