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Meaning of LIVER

Pronunciation:  'livur

Matching Terms:  live, live axle, live birth, live body, live data, live down, live free or die!, live in, live it up, live load, live oak, live on, live out, live over, live steam, live up to, live wire, live with, live(a), liveable, live-and-die, live-bearer, liveborn, liveborn infant, lived, livedo, live-forever, livelihed, livelihood, livelily, liveliness, livelock, livelode, livelong, lively, liven, liven up, liveness, liver cancer, liver chestnut, liver disease, liver enzyme tests, liver fluke, liver function tests, liver metastases, liver nodule, liver pudding, liver rot, liver sausage, liver scan, liver spot, liver-colored, livered, liver-grown, liveried, livering, liverish, liverleaf, livermore, liverpool, liverpudlian, liver-spotted dalmatian, liverwort, liverwurst, livery, livery company, livery driver, livery stable, liveryman, lives, livescript, livestock, liveware

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing yours or someone else's liver in your dream, suggests the possibility of a physical disorder. The dream forewarns that you need to reduce your alcohol consumption. Alternatively, it indicates that someone in your life who may not be looking out for your best interest at heart. You may be feeling belittled or angry.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abatis, abdomen, absorption, anus, appendix, assimilation, bile, blind gut, bowels, brain, brains, cecum, chitterlings, cholangitis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis, cockscomb, colon, denizen, digestion, digestive system, duodenum, dweller, endocardium, entrails, foregut, gastric juice, gastrointestinal tract, giblets, gizzard, guts, haslet, heart, hepatitis, hepatoma, hindgut, icterus, infectious hepatitis, ingestion, innards, inner mechanism, insides, internals, intestinal juice, intestine, inwards, jaundice, jejunum, kidney, kidneys, kishkes, large intestine, liver and lights, lung, marrow, midgut, occupant, pancreas, pancreatic digestion, pancreatic juice, perineum, predigestion, pump, pylorus, rectum, resident, resider, saliva, salivary digestion, salivary glands, secondary digestion, serum hepatitis, small intestine, spleen, stomach, sweetbread, ticker, tongue, tripe, tripes, vermiform appendix, viscera, vitals, works