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Meaning of DIAPHRAGM

Pronunciation:  'dIu`fram

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a mechanical device in a camera that controls size of aperture of the lens; "the new cameras adjust the diaphragm automatically"
  2. [n]  electro-acoustic transducer that vibrates to receive or produce sound waves
  3. [n]  a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible dome-shaped cup made of rubber or plastic; it is filled with spermicide and fitted over the uterine cervix
  4. [n]  (anatomy) a muscular partition separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities; functions in respiration

DIAPHRAGM is a 9 letter word that starts with D.


 Synonyms: contraceptive diaphragm, midriff, pessary, stop
 See Also: birth control device, body, camera, contraceptive, contraceptive device, disc, disk, electro-acoustic transducer, iris, iris diaphragm, mechanical device, membrane, muscle system, muscular structure, musculature, photographic camera, preventative, preventive, prophylactic device, tissue layer, torso, trunk



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Di"a*phragm\, n. [L. diaphragma, Gr. ?, fr. ? to
fence by a partition wall; dia` through + ?, ?, to fence,
inclose; prob. akin to L. fareire to stuff: cf. F.
diaphragme. See {Farce}.]
1. A dividing membrane or thin partition, commonly with an
   opening through it.

2. (Anat.) The muscular and tendinous partition separating
   the cavity of the chest from that of the abdomen; the

3. (Zo["o]l.) A calcareous plate which divides the cavity of
   certain shells into two parts.

4. (Opt.) A plate with an opening, which is generally
   circular, used in instruments to cut off marginal portions
   of a beam of light, as at the focus of a telescope.

5. (Mach.) A partition in any compartment, for various

{Diaphragm pump}, one in which a flexible diaphragm takes the
   place of a piston.

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: primary muscle used for respiration, located just below the lung bases.
 Definition: a muscle that lies beneath the lungs. When the diaphragm contracts, the volume of the lungs increases, causing a lowering of pressure within the lungs and movement of air from the outside into the lungs. When the diaphragm relaxes, air is expelled from the lungs.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abdomen, abomasum, acoustical network, bag, barrier, bay window, beerbelly, belly, birth control device, brattice, breadbasket, buffer, buffer state, bulkhead, bumper, capacitor speaker, center, cloison, coaxial speaker, collision mat, condom, cone, contraceptive, contraceptive foam, core, craw, crop, crossover network, cushion, diameter, dissepiment, dividing line, dividing wall, division, dynamic speaker, earphone, electrodynamic speaker, electromagnetic speaker, electrostatic speaker, embonpoint, equator, excited-field speaker, fender, first stomach, full-fidelity speaker, gizzard, gullet, gut, headphone, headset, heart, high-fidelity speaker, high-frequency speaker, honeycomb stomach, horn, interior, interseptum, intrauterine device, IUD, kernel, kishkes, loudspeaker, low-frequency speaker, manyplies, mat, maw, mean, median, middle, midmost, midrange speaker, midriff, midsection, midst, monorange speaker, moving-coil speaker, nucleus, omasum, oral contraceptive, pad, panel, paries, partition, party wall, paunch, permanent magnet speaker, pessary, pot, potbelly, potgut, property line, prophylactic, psalterium, pusgut, rennet bag, reticulum, rubber, rumen, second stomach, separation, septulum, septum, shock pad, skin, spare tire, speaker, speaker system, speaker unit, spermicidal jelly, spermicide, stomach, swagbelly, the pill, thick, thick of things, third stomach, triaxial speaker, tummy, tum-tum, tweeter, underbelly, ventripotence, voice coil, waist, waistline, wall, woofer, zone