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Meaning of BRICK

Pronunciation:  brik

Matching Terms:  bric-a brac, bric-a-brac, brick cheese, brick in, brick over, brick red, brick trowel, brick up, brickbat, brickellia, brickfield, brickfielder, brickkiln, bricklayer, bricklayer's hammer, bricklaying, brickle, brickleness, brickly, brickmaker, bricks, bricks and mortar, brickwork, bricky, brickyard, bricole

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming of a brick, represents your individual ideas and thoughts. Experience and/or heartbreak may have hardened you. Dreaming that you are building a brick wall means a wall that you are putting up to protect yourself against hurt. It may also indicate that you may be hard on the outside but still sensitive on the inside.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: adamant, adobe, ashlar, asphalt, biscuit, bisque, bitumen, bituminous macadam, blacktop, block, board, bone, bowl, bricks and mortar, buddy, cement, ceramic ware, ceramics, china, chum, chunk, clapboard, clinker, cobble, cobblestone, comrade, concrete, covering materials, crackerjack, crock, crockery, cube, curb, curbing, curbstone, diamond, doll, edgestone, enamelware, face, ferroconcrete, firebrick, flag, flagging, flagstone, flint, flooring, friend, glass, glaze, good egg, good guy, good Joe, granite, gravel, heart of oak, hunk, iron, jug, kerb, kerbstone, lath, lath and plaster, likely lad, macadam, marble, masonry, mortar, nails, nice guy, no slouch, oak, pal, paper, pavement, pavestone, paving, paving material, paving stone, plank, plasters, porcelain, pot, pottery, prestressed concrete, pussycat, refractory, revet, road metal, rock, roofage, roofing, shake, sheathe, shingle, siding, slab, slate, steel, stone, stout fellow, Tarmac, tarmacadam, Tarvia, thatch, tile, tiling, trump, urn, vase, veneer, wall in, wall up, walling, wallpaper, washboard, weatherboard