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Meaning of HAT

Pronunciation:  hat

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an informal term for a person's role; "he took off his politician's hat and talked frankly"
  2. [n]  headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
  3. [v]  put on or wear a hat; "He was unsuitably hatted"

HAT is a 3 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: chapeau, lid
 See Also: assume, bearskin, beaver, boater, bonnet, bonnet, bowler, bowler hat, brim, busby, campaign hat, cavalier hat, cocked hat, cowboy hat, crown, deerstalker, derby, don, dress hat, dunce cap, dunce's cap, fedora, felt hat, fool's cap, function, fur hat, get into, hatband, headdress, headgear, high hat, homburg, leghorn, millinery, office, opera hat, Panama, Panama hat, part, pith hat, pith helmet, plug hat, poke bonnet, porkpie, porkpie hat, put on, role, sailor, shako, shovel hat, silk hat, skimmer, slouch hat, sombrero, sou'wester, Stetson, stovepipe, straw hat, sun helmet, ten-gallon hat, titfer, top hat, topee, topi, topper, toque, trilby, tyrolean, wear, woman's hat



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Hat\, a.
    Hot. [Obs.] --Chaucer.
  2. \Hat\,
    sing. pres. of {Hote} to be called. Cf. {Hatte}. [Obs.]
    ``That one hat abstinence.'' --Piers Plowman.
  3. \Hat\, n. [AS. h[ae]t, h[ae]tt; akin to Dan. hat, Sw. hatt,
    Icel. hattr a hat, h["o]ttr hood, D. hoed hat, G. hut, OHG.
    huot, and prob. to L. cassis helmet. ???. Cf.{Hood}.]
    A covering for the head; esp., one with a crown and brim,
    made of various materials, and worn by men or women for
    protecting the head from the sun or weather, or for ornament.
    {Hat block}, a block on which hats are formed or dressed.
    {To pass around the hat}, to take up a collection of
       voluntary contributions, which are often received in a
       hat. [Collog.] --Lowell.
Computing Dictionary

A common (spoken) name for the circumflex ("^", ASCII 94) character.

See ascii for other synonyms.

[jargon file]

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing a hat in your dream means that you are concealing something or covering up something. Alternatively, it may represent the role you play or the responsibilities you have in life. Dreaming that you are wearing a top hat indicates your aspirations for wealth. It is also symbolic of male elegance and formality.
Biology Dictionary
 Definition: A type of agar growth medium (a selective medium) which is used to select for cells that are able to make their nucleic acids out of hypoxanthine and/or thymine. All cells are prevented from making nucleotides by any other means (due to the presence of aminopterin or other drugs in the medium), so cells which are unable to use hypoxanthine and/or thymine to do this will not grow, multiply, and become visible colonies. This leaves the cells which are being selected for.
Easton Bible Dictionary

Chald. karb'ela, (Dan. 3:21), properly mantle or pallium. The Revised Version renders it "tunic."

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: astrakhan, balaclava helmet, Balmoral, baseball cap, beany, bearskin, beaver, beret, boater, bonnet, boot, bowler, brass hat, breech, busby, calash, campaign hat, cap, capote, castor, ceil, chapeau, chapeau bras, cloak, cloche, coat, cock-and-pinch, coif, cork, coverchief, coxcomb, crown, derby, dome, Dutch cap, fantail, fez, frock, gown, handkerchief, hard hat, headcloth, headdress, headgear, headpiece, headtire, headwear, helmet, homburg, hood, jacket, jockey cap, kaffiyeh, kelly, kepi, kerchief, leghorn, lid, mantle, millinery, mobcap, mortarboard, nightcap, opera hat, overseas cap, Panama, Panama hat, peaked cap, picture hat, pillbox, pith hat, pith helmet, plug, poke, porkpie, puggree, roof, roof in, rumal, sailor, Salvation Army bonnet, scraper, shirt, shoe, shovel hat, silk hat, skullcap, slouch hat, snood, sock, sombrero, Stetson, stocking, stopper, stovepipe, sun hat, sun helmet, sunbonnet, sundown, tam, ten-gallon hat, tin hat, tip, top, top hat, topee, topper, trilby, turban, tyrolean hat, wide-awake, wimple, wind-cutter, yarmulka