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Meaning of AMATEUR

Pronunciation:  'amu`chûr

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime
  2. [n]  does not play for pay
  3. [adj]  engaged in as a pastime; "an amateur painter"; "gained valuable experience in amateur theatricals"; "recreational golfers"; "reading matter that is both recreational and mentally stimulating"; "unpaid extras in the documentary"
  4. [adj]  lacking professional skill or expertise; "a very amateurish job"; "inexpert but conscientious efforts"; "an unskilled painting"

AMATEUR is a 7 letter word that starts with A.


 Synonyms: amateurish, inexpert, nonprofessional, recreational, unpaid, unprofessional, unskilled
 Antonyms: pro, professional
 See Also: athlete, bird watcher, birder, dabbler, dilettante, hobbyist, human, individual, jock, mortal, outdoor man, person, sciolist, somebody, someone, soul, sporting man



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Am`a*teur"\, n. [F., fr. L. amator lover, fr. amare to
A person attached to a particular pursuit, study, or science
as to music or painting; esp. one who cultivates any study or
art, from taste or attachment, without pursuing it

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abecedarian, admirer, aesthete, aficionado, amateurish, apprentice, arbiter, arbiter elegantiarum, arbiter of taste, authority, avocational, beginner, bon vivant, booster, buff, bungler, bungling, clumsy, cognoscente, collector, connaisseur, connoisseur, coquet, crank, critic, criticaster, crude, dabbler, dabbling, dabster, dallier, devotee, dilettante, dilettantish, enthusiast, epicure, epicurean, expert, faddist, fan, fancier, flirt, follower, freak, fribble, good judge, gourmand, gourmet, grammaticaster, greenhorn, groupie, half scholar, half-assed, half-baked, half-cocked, idolater, idolizer, immature, inexpert, infatuate, inferior, judge, lay, layman, maven, mediocre, neophyte, nonprofessional, novice, nut, philologaster, philosophaster, piddler, potterer, probationer, pundit, putterer, refined palate, rooter, savant, scholar, sciolist, sciolistic, second-rate, shallow, smatterer, smattering, sophomoric, specialist, Sunday painter, superficial, technical expert, technician, tinker, trifler, tyro, unpaid, unprofessional, unskilled, untrained, virtuoso, votary, worshiper, zealot