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Meaning of LONG-LIVED

Pronunciation:  long livd

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  existing for a long time; "hopes for a durable peace"; "a long-lasting friendship"

LONG-LIVED is a 10 letter word that starts with L.


 Synonyms: durable, lasting, long, long-lasting



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Long"-lived`\, a.
Having a long life; having constitutional peculiarities which
make long life probable; lasting long; as, a long-lived tree;
they are a longlived family; long-lived prejudices.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abiding, aboveground, aged, age-long, alive, alive and kicking, among the living, ancient, animate, animated, antique, breathing, capable of life, chronic, conscious, constant, continuing, diuturnal, durable, endowed with life, enduring, enlivened, evergreen, existent, hardy, immutable, in the flesh, inspirited, instinct with life, intransient, inveterate, lasting, lifelong, live, living, longeval, longevous, long-lasting, long-standing, long-term, macrobiotic, of long duration, of long standing, old, perdurable, perduring, perennial, permanent, perpetual, persistent, persisting, quick, remaining, sempervirent, stable, staying, steadfast, tenacious of life, tough, unfading, very much alive, viable, vital, vivified, zoetic