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Meaning of PARASITIC

Pronunciation:  `paru'sitik

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  of plants or persons; having the nature or habits of a parasite or leech; living off another; "a wealthy class parasitic upon the labor of the masses"; "parasitic vines that strangle the trees"; "bloodsucking blackmailer"; "his indolent leechlike existence"

PARASITIC is a 9 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: bloodsucking, dependent, leechlike, parasitical



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Par`a*sit"ic\, Parasitical \Par`a*sit"ic*al\, a. [L.
parasiticus, Gr. ?: cf. F. parasitique.]
1. Of the nature of a parasite; fawning for food or favors;
   sycophantic. ``Parasitic preachers.'' --Milton.

2. (Bot. & Zo["o]l.) Of or pertaining to parasites; living
   on, or deriving nourishment from, some other living animal
   or plant. See {Parasite}, 2 & 3.

{Parasitic gull}, {Parasitic jager}. (Zo["o]l.) See {Jager}.
   -- {Par`a*sit"ic*al*ly}, adv. -- {Par`a*sit"ic*al*ness},

Medical Dictionary
 Definition: Having to do with or being a parasite. A parasite is an animal or a plant that lives on or in an organism of another species and gets at least some of its nutrients from it.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abject, accompanying, accordant, agreeing, all-devouring, all-engulfing, associate, associated, at one with, backscratching, beggarly, bloodsucking, bone-lazy, bootlicking, cadging, coacting, coactive, coadunate, coincident, collaborative, collective, collusive, combined, combining, commensal, concerted, concomitant, concordant, concurrent, concurring, conjoint, consilient, conspiratorial, cooperant, cooperative, coordinate, cowering, coworking, crawling, cringing, crouching, dilatory, doless, do-nothing, dronish, drony, easy, ecological, ecotopic, ergophobic, extortionate, faineant, fawning, flattering, footlicking, good-for-nothing, grabby, grasping, groveling, hangdog, harmonious, indolent, ingratiating, joint, kowtowing, laggard, lax, lazy, leechlike, lupine, mealymouthed, meeting, nonaggressive, obeisant, obsequious, on bended knee, predacious, predatory, procrastinative, prostrate, rapacious, raptorial, ravening, ravenous, remiss, saprophytic, scrounging, sharkish, shiftless, slack, slothful, slow, sniveling, sponging, sycophantic, symbiotic, synchronous, synergetic, synergic, synergistic, timeserving, toadeating, toadying, toadyish, truckling, unenterprising, united, uniting, vulturine, vulturous, wolfish, work-shy