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Meaning of GRASPING

Pronunciation:  'grasping

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of gripping something firmly with the hands
  2. [n]  understanding with difficulty; "the lecture was beyond his most strenuous graspings"
  3. [adj]  immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth; "they are avaricious and will do anything for money"; "casting covetous eyes on his neighbor's fields"; "a grasping old miser"; "grasping commercialism"; "greedy for money and power"; "grew richer and greedier"; "prehensile employers stingy with raises for their employees"

GRASPING is a 8 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: acquisitive, avaricious, covetous, grabby, greedy, prehensile, prehension, seizing, taking hold
 See Also: apprehension, clasp, clench, clutch, clutches, control, discernment, grasp, grip, hold, savvy, understanding



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Grasp"ing\, a.
1. Seizing; embracing; catching.

2. Avaricious; greedy of gain; covetous; close; miserly; as,
   he is a grasping man. -- {Grasp"ing*ly}, adv. --
   {Grasp"ing*ness}, n.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a hog for, acquiring, acquisitive, acquisitiveness, all-devouring, all-engulfing, ambitious for self, autistic, avarice, avaricious, avariciousness, avid, avidity, avidness, bloodsucking, bottomless, careerist, clamant, clamorous, clinging, coveting, covetous, covetousness, crying, cupidity, demanding, desirous, devouring, draining, egotistical, esurient, exacting, exigent, exorbitant, extortionate, frenzy of desire, fury of desire, gluttonous, gluttony, gobbling, grabby, graspingness, greed, greediness, greedy, gripping, hoggish, hoggishness, holding, importunate, incontinence, individualistic, inordinate desire, insatiability, insatiable, insatiable desire, insatiate, insistent, instant, intemperateness, itching palm, itchy, keeping, limitless, loud, lupine, lust, mean, mercenary, miserly, money-hungry, money-mad, narcissistic, niggardly, omnivorous, overgreediness, overgreedy, parasitic, parsimonious, penny-pinching, penurious, persistent, personalistic, pertinacious, piggish, piggishness, possessive, predacious, predatory, prehensile, pressing, privatistic, quenchless, rapacious, rapaciousness, rapacity, raptorial, ravening, ravenous, ravenousness, remote, retentive, self-absorbed, self-admiring, self-advancing, self-besot, self-centered, self-considerative, self-contained, self-devoted, self-esteeming, self-indulgent, self-interested, selfish, self-jealous, self-occupied, self-pleasing, self-seeking, self-serving, self-sufficient, sharkish, slakeless, sordid, sordidness, stingy, swinish, swinishness, taxing, tenacious, tight, tight-fisted, unappeasable, unappeased, unquenchable, unsated, unsatisfied, unslakeable, unslaked, urgent, venal, voracious, voraciousness, voracity, vulturine, vulturous, wolfish, wolfishness