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Meaning of HUMANITY

Pronunciation:  hyoo'manitee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the quality of being humane
  2. [n]  the quality of being human
  3. [n]  all of the inhabitants of the earth; "all the world loves a lover"

HUMANITY is a 8 letter word that starts with H.


 Synonyms: human beings, human race, humankind, humanness, humans, man, mankind, world
 See Also: group, grouping, humaneness, people, quality



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Hu*man"i*ty\, n.; pl. {Humanities}. [L. humanitas: cf.
F. humanit['e]. See {Human}.]
1. The quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by
   which he is distinguished from other beings.

2. Mankind collectively; the human race.

         But hearing oftentimes The still, and music
         humanity.                             --Wordsworth.

         It is a debt we owe to humanity.      --S. S. Smith.

3. The quality of being humane; the kind feelings,
   dispositions, and sympathies of man; especially, a
   disposition to relieve persons or animals in distress, and
   to treat all creatures with kindness and tenderness. ``The
   common offices of humanity and friendship.'' --Locke.

4. Mental cultivation; liberal education; instruction in
   classical and polite literature.

         Polished with humanity and the study of witty
         science.                              --Holland.

5. pl. (With definite article) The branches of polite or
   elegant learning; as language, rhetoric, poetry, and the
   ancient classics; belles-letters.

Note: The cultivation of the languages, literature, history,
      and arch[ae]ology of Greece and Rome, were very
      commonly called liter[ae] humaniores, or, in English,
      the humanities, . . . by way of opposition to the
      liter[ae] divin[ae], or divinity. --G. P. Marsh.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: acceptance, Adam, affectionateness, beneficence, benevolence, benignancy, benignity, brotherhood, charitableness, clay, clemency, clementness, commiseration, community, compassion, condolence, consideration, easiness, easygoingness, fallen humanity, favor, feeling, feeling of kinship, fellow feeling, flesh, forbearance, forbearing, forgiveness, frailty, fraternal feeling, generation of man, generosity, gentleness, genus Homo, goodness, goodness of heart, grace, graciousness, heart of gold, helpfulness, hominid, Hominidae, homo, Homo sapiens, human equation, human family, human frailty, human nature, human race, human species, human weakness, humaneness, humankind, humanness, kindheartedness, kindliness, kindly disposition, kindness, laxness, le genre humain, lenience, leniency, lenientness, lenity, loving kindness, magnanimity, man, mankind, mercifulness, mercy, mildness, mitigation, moderateness, mortal flesh, mortality, mortals, niceness, pardon, pathos, patience, people, pity, quarter, race of man, relief, reprieve, ruth, self-pity, sensitivity, society, softheartedness, softness, soul of kindness, sympathy, tenderheartedness, tenderness, the masses, the public, tolerance, understanding, unselfishness, warmheartedness, warmth, warmth of heart, weakness