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Meaning of MENTAL

Pronunciation:  'mentl

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  affected by a disorder of the mind; "a mental patient"; "mental illness"
  2. [adj]  involving the mind or an intellectual process; "mental images of happy times"; "mental calculations"; "in a terrible mental state"; "mental suffering"; "free from mental defects"
  3. [adj]  of or relating to the chin or median part of the lower jaw
  4. [adj]  (biology) of or relating to the chin- or lip-like structure in insects and certain mollusks
  5. [adj]  of or relating to the mind; "mental powers"; "mental development"; "mental hygiene"

MENTAL is a 6 letter word that starts with M.


 Synonyms: genial, intellectual, moral, noetic, psychic, psychical, psychogenic, psychological, rational, unhealthy
 Antonyms: physical



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Men"tal\, a. [L. mentum the chin.] (Anat.)
    Of or pertaining to the chin; genian; as, the mental nerve;
    the mental region.
  2. \Men"tal\, n. (Zo["o]l.)
    A plate or scale covering the mentum or chin of a fish or
  3. \Men"tal\, a. [F., fr. L. mentalis, fr. mens, mentis, the
    mind; akin to E. mind. See {Mind}.]
    Of or pertaining to the mind; intellectual; as, mental
    faculties; mental operations, conditions, or exercise.
          What a mental power This eye shoots forth! --Shak.
    {Mental alienation}, insanity.
    {Mental arithmetic}, the art or practice of solving
       arithmetical problems by mental processes, unassisted by
       written figures.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abnormal, abstract, affective, balmy, bananas, barmy, batty, bereft of reason, bonkers, brainsick, cerebral, certifiable, characteristic, cogitative, cognitive, concentrating, concentrative, conceptive, conceptual, conceptualized, constitutional, contemplating, contemplative, crackbrained, cracked, crackers, crazed, crazy, daft, deliberating, deliberative, deluded, demented, deprived of reason, deranged, disoriented, dispositional, distraught, disturbed, emotional, endopsychic, excogitating, flighty, fruity, hallucinated, ideative, ideological, immaterial, innate, inner, insane, intellectual, intelligent, internal, introspective, irrational, loco, loony, lunatic, mad, maddened, maniac, manic, mazed, meditating, meditative, mentally deficient, mentally ill, meshuggah, mindless, moon-struck, museful, musing, noetic, non compos, non compos mentis, noological, not all there, not right, nuts, nutty, odd, of unsound mind, off, pensive, perceptual, phrenic, pondering, prehensive, psychic, psychical, psycho, psychologic, psychological, psychotic, queer, rational, reasoning, reasonless, reflecting, reflective, ruminant, ruminating, ruminative, screwy, senseless, serious, sick, sober, speculative, spiritual, stark-mad, stark-staring mad, strange, subjective, telepathic, temperamental, tetched, theoretical, thinking, thought, thoughtful, touched, unbalanced, unhinged, unsane, unsettled, unsound, unstable, wandering, wistful, witless