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Meaning of GLUTTONY

Pronunciation:  'glutnee

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  eating to excess (personified as one of the deadly sins)
  2. [n]  habitual eating to excess

GLUTTONY is a 8 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: gula, overeating
 See Also: deadly sin, edacity, esurience, greediness, hoggishness, intemperance, mortal sin, piggishness, rapaciousness, rapacity, voraciousness, voracity



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Glut"ton*y\, n.; pl. {Gluttonies}. [OE. glotonie, OF.
glotonie, gloutonnie.]
Excess in eating; extravagant indulgence of the appetite for
food; voracity.

      Their sumptuous gluttonies, and gorgeous feasts.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abandon, acedia, acquisitiveness, anger, appetite, avarice, avariciousness, avaritia, avidity, avidness, boundlessness, cannibalism, carnivorism, carnivority, carnivorousness, chewing, consumption, covetousness, crapulence, crapulency, crapulousness, cropping, cupidity, deadly sin, deglutition, devouring, devourment, dieting, dining, drunkenness, eating, edacity, egregiousness, enormousness, envy, epulation, exaggeration, excess, excessiveness, exorbitance, exorbitancy, extravagance, extravagancy, extreme, extremes, extremism, extremity, fabulousness, feasting, feeding, frenzy of desire, fury of desire, giantism, gigantism, gobbling, grasping, graspingness, grazing, greed, greediness, gula, gulosity, herbivorism, herbivority, herbivorousness, hoggishness, hunger, hyperbole, hypertrophy, immoderacy, immoderateness, immoderation, incontinence, indiscipline, indulgence, ingestion, inordinacy, inordinance, inordinate desire, inordinateness, insatiability, insatiable desire, intemperance, intemperateness, invidia, ira, itching palm, licking, lust, luxuria, manducation, mastication, messing, monstrousness, munching, nibbling, nimiety, nutrition, omnivorism, omnivorousness, omophagy, outrageousness, overdevelopment, overdoing, overeating, overgreatness, overgreediness, overgrowth, overindulgence, overlargeness, overmuch, overmuchness, pantophagy, pasture, pasturing, pecking, piggishness, pride, prodigality, radicalism, rapaciousness, rapacity, ravenousness, regalement, relishing, rumination, savoring, self-indulgence, sloth, sordidness, superbia, swinishness, tasting, too much, too-muchness, unconscionableness, unconstraint, uncontrol, undueness, unreasonableness, unrestrainedness, unrestraint, vegetarianism, voraciousness, voracity, wolfing, wolfishness, wrath