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Meaning of EATING

Pronunciation:  'eeting

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the act of consuming food

EATING is a 6 letter word that starts with E.


 Synonyms: feeding
 See Also: banqueting, bite, browse, browsing, chew, chewing, chomp, consumption, coprophagia, coprophagy, degustation, dining, engorgement, feasting, geophagia, geophagy, graze, grazing, ingestion, intake, lunching, manduction, mastication, necrophagia, necrophagy, omophagia, pica, relishing, repletion, savoring, savouring, scatophagy, supping, surfeit, tasting, uptake



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Eat"ing\, n.
1. The act of tasking food; the act of consuming or

2. Something fit to be eaten; food; as, a peach is good
   eating. [Colloq.]

{Eating house}, a house where cooked provisions are sold, to
   be eaten on the premises.

Easton Bible Dictionary

The ancient Hebrews would not eat with the Egyptians (Gen. 43:32). In the time of our Lord they would not eat with Samaritans (John 4:9), and were astonished that he ate with publicans and sinners (Matt. 9:11). The Hebrews originally sat at table, but afterwards adopted the Persian and Chaldean practice of reclining (Luke 7:36-50). Their principal meal was at noon (Gen. 43:16; 1 Kings 20:16; Ruth 2:14; Luke 14:12). The word "eat" is used metaphorically in Jer. 15:16; Ezek. 3:1; Rev. 10:9. In John 6:53-58, "eating and drinking" means believing in Christ. Women were never present as guests at meals (q.v.).

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: cannibal, cannibalistic, carnivorous, commensal, dietetic, dining, drinking, engorgement, engulfment, feeding, flesh-eating, fruitarian, gastronomic, gluttonous, grain-eating, graminivorous, granivorous, grass-eating, gulp, gulping, herbivorous, imbibition, ingestion, ingurgitation, insect-eating, insectivorous, lactovegetarian, man-eating, meat-eating, mensal, nourishing, nutritious, omnivorous, omophagous, pantophagous, phytivorous, phytophagous, plant-eating, postprandial, prandial, predacious, preprandial, slurp, swallow, swallowing, vegetable-eating, vegetarian