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Meaning of EPISTLE

Pronunciation:  i'pisul

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  especially a long, formal letter

EPISTLE is a 7 letter word that starts with E.


 See Also: letter, missive



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \E*pis"tle\, n. [OE. epistle, epistel, AS. epistol,
    pistol, L. epistola, fr. Gr. ? anything sent by a messenger,
    message, letter, fr. ? to send to, tell by letter or message;
    'epi` upon, to + ? to dispatch, send; cf. OF. epistle,
    epistre, F. ['e]p[^i]tre. See {Stall}.]
    1. A writing directed or sent to a person or persons; a
       written communication; a letter; -- applied usually to
       formal, didactic, or elegant letters.
             A madman's epistles are no gospels.   --Shak.
    2. (Eccl.) One of the letters in the New Testament which were
       addressed to their Christian brethren by Apostles.
    {Epistle side}, the right side of an altar or church to a
       person looking from the nave toward the chancel.
             One sees the pulpit on the epistle side. --R.
  2. \E*pis"tle\, v. t.
    To write; to communicate in a letter or by writing. [Obs.]