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Meaning of LOOKING

Pronunciation:  l'√Ľking

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually; "he went out to have a look"; "his look was fixed on her eyes"; "he gave it a good looking at"; "his camera does his looking for him"
  2. [n]  the act of searching visually
  3. [adj]  appearing to be as specified; usually used as combining forms; "left their clothes dirty looking"; "a most disagreeable looking character"; "angry-looking"; "liquid-looking"; "severe-looking policemen on noble horses"; "fine-sounding phrases"; "taken in by high-sounding talk"

LOOKING is a 7 letter word that starts with L.


 Synonyms: look, looking at, looking for, sounding, superficial
 See Also: coup d'oeil, dekko, evil eye, glance, glimpse, hunt, hunting, lookout, observance, observation, outlook, peek, peep, perception, rubber-necking, scrutiny, search, sensing, sight, sightseeing, stare, survey, view, watching



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Look"ing\, a.
    Having a certain look or appearance; -- often compounded with
    adjectives; as, good-looking, grand-looking, etc.
  2. \Look"ing\, n.
    1. The act of one who looks; a glance.
    2. The manner in which one looks; appearance; countenance;
       face. [Obs.]
             All dreary was his cheer and his looking. --Chaucer.
    {Looking for}, anticipation; expectation. ``A certain fearful
       looking for of judgment.'' --Heb. x. 27.