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Meaning of DRAWBACK

Pronunciation:  'dro`bak

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the quality of being a hindrance; "he pointed out all the drawbacks to my plan"

DRAWBACK is a 8 letter word that starts with D.


 See Also: catch, disadvantage



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Draw"back`\, n.
1. A loss of advantage, or deduction from profit, value,
   success, etc.; a discouragement or hindrance;
   objectionable feature.

         The avarice of Henry VII . . . . must be deemed a
         drawback from the wisdom ascribed to him. --Hallam.

2. (Com.) Money paid back or remitted; especially, a certain
   amount of duties or customs, sometimes the whole, and
   sometimes only a part, remitted or paid back by the
   government, on the exportation of the commodities on which
   they were levied. --M`Culloch.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: abatement, agio, allowance, bank discount, blemish, block, blockade, bottleneck, breakage, bug, cash discount, catch, chain discount, charge-off, concession, cordon, crack, curtain, cut, damage, deduction, defect, defection, deficiency, depreciation, determent, deterrent, detriment, difficulty, disability, disadvantage, discount, evil, failing, failure, fault, faute, flaw, foible, frailty, handicap, hang-up, harm, hazard, hindrance, hitch, hole, hurdle, hurt, ill, impairment, impediment, imperfection, inadequacy, inconvenience, infirmity, injury, joker, kickback, kink, liability, little problem, loss, loss of ground, mischief, objection, obstacle, obstruction, obstructive, one small difficulty, penalty, penalty clause, percentage, prejudice, premium, price reduction, price-cut, problem, rebate, rebatement, reduction, refund, rift, rollback, rub, salvage, setoff, shortcoming, snag, something missing, step backward, stumbling block, stumbling stone, taint, tare, time discount, trade discount, tret, trouble, underselling, vulnerable place, weak link, weak point, weakness, write-off