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Meaning of CUSTOMS

Pronunciation:  k'ustumz

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  money collected under a tariff

CUSTOMS is a 7 letter word that starts with C.


 Synonyms: custom, customs duty, impost
 See Also: duty, ship money, tariff



Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: ad valorem duty, alcohol tax, amusement tax, assessment on default, assessor, capital gains tax, capitation, capitation tax, corporation tax, customhouse, customs duty, death duty, death tax, doomage, duty, estate duty, estate tax, excess profits tax, excise, excise tax, exciseman, export tax, farmer, federal tax, gabelle, gift tax, head tax, import tax, income tax, inheritance tax, Internal Revenue Service, internal revenue tax, land tax, liquor tax, local tax, luxury tax, nuisance tax, personal property tax, poll, poll tax, property tax, property-increment tax, protective tariff, provincial tax, publican, rates, revenue tariff, revenuer, sales tax, salt tax, school tax, severance tax, specific duty, state tax, tariff, tariff duty, tax assessor, tax collector, tax farmer, taxer, taxman, telephone tax, use tax, value added tax, VAT, window tax