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Meaning of FORMULA

Pronunciation:  'formyulu

Matching Terms:  formula algol, formulaic, formularise, formularistic, formularization, formularize, formulary, formulate, formulated, formulation, formule, formulization, formulize

Computing Dictionary

1. In logic, a sequence of symbols representing terms, predicates, connectives and quantifiers which is either true or false.

2. FORTH Music Language. An extension of forth with concurrent note-playing processes. Runs on macintosh and atari st with midi output.

["Formula: A Programming Language for Expressive Computer Music", D.P. Anderson et al Computer 24(7):12 (Jul 1991)].

3. Preprocessor language for the acorn archimedes, allowing inline high-level statements to be entered in an assembly program. Written in nawk.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: a priori truth, act, addend, antilogarithm, argument, axiom, base, bill, binomial, blueprint, brocard, bylaw, canon, ceremonial, ceremony, characteristic, code, coefficient, combination, commandment, complement, congruence, constant, convention, cosine, cotangent, criterion, cube, decimal, decree, denominator, derivative, determinant, dictate, dictation, dictum, difference, differential, directions, discriminate, dividend, divisor, duty, e, edict, enactment, equation, exponent, exponential, factor, form, form of worship, formality, formulary, function, general principle, golden rule, guideline, guiding principle, holy rite, i, imperative, increment, index, institution, instructions, integral, jus, law, law of nature, legislation, lex, liturgy, matrix, maxim, means, measure, method, minuend, mitzvah, MO, mode of worship, modus operandi, moral, multiple, multiplier, mystery, norm, norma, numerator, observance, office, order of nature, order of worship, ordinance, ordonnance, parameter, pattern, permutation, pi, polynomial, postulate, power, practice, prescribed form, prescript, prescription, principium, principle, procedure, Procrustean law, proposition, quaternion, quotient, radical, radix, receipt, recipe, reciprocal, regulation, remainder, rite, ritual, ritual observance, rituality, root, rubric, rule, ruling, sacrament, sacramental, secant, self-evident truth, service, set form, settled principle, sine, solemnity, standard, standing order, statute, submultiple, subtrahend, tangent, technique, tenet, tensor, theorem, truism, truth, universal law, universal truth, variable, vector, versine, way, working principle, working rule