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Meaning of DEGREE

Pronunciation:  di'gree

Matching Terms:  degrease, degree celsius, degree centigrade, degree day, degree fahrenheit, degree of a polynomial, degree of a term, degree of freedom, degree program, degrees of freedom, degrees, song of, degressive

Computing Dictionary

The degree (or valency) of a node in a graph is the number of edges joined to it.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: AA, AB, AM, Associate of Arts, baccalaureate, baccalaureus, bachelor, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Divinity, Bachelor of Science, bar, bar line, barometer, bit by bit, brace, BS, by degrees, canon, cardinal points, caste, check, class, compass card, compass rose, condition, consecutive intervals, considerably, continuity, criterion, DD, DDS, decidedly, degrees, diapason, diatessaron, diatonic interval, diatonic semitone, dimension, doctor, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Music, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Theology, doctorate, east, eastward, enharmonic diesis, enharmonic interval, estate, exceedingly, extent, fifth, fourth, gauge, gradation, grade, gradually, graduated scale, half points, half step, halftone, hierarchy, highly, inch by inch, inchmeal, interval, JD, ledger line, lengths, less semitone, level, limit, line, LittD, little by little, LLD, lubber line, MA, magnitude, master, Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, Master of Science, MBA, MD, measure, melodic interval, MFA, MLS, model, MS, norm, north, northeast, northward, northwest, notch, note, occident, octave, order, orient, parallel octaves, parameter, pattern, PhD, place, point, position, proportion, quantity, quarter points, quite, rank, rate, rather, ratio, reading, readout, rhumb, rule, rung, SB, scale, ScD, second, semitone, sequence, serial order, seventh, situation, sixth, size, slowly, SM, somewhat, south, southeast, southward, southwest, space, staff, stage, standard, standing, station, status, stave, STD, step, step by step, subordination, substantially, sunrise, sunset, test, ThD, third, to a degree, tone, touchstone, type, unison interval, value, west, westward, whole step, yardstick