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Meaning of GLADSOME

Pronunciation:  'gladsum

WordNet Dictionary
[adj]  experiencing or expressing gladness or joy; "a gladsome smile"; "a gladsome occasion"

GLADSOME is a 8 letter word that starts with G.


 Synonyms: glad



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Glad"some\, a.
1. Pleased; joyful; cheerful.

2. Causing joy, pleasure, or cheerfulness; having the
   appearance of gayety; pleasing.

         Of opening heaven they sung, and gladsome day.
   -- {Glad"some*ly}, adv. -- {Glad"some*ness}, n.

         Hours of perfect gladsomeness.        --Wordsworth.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: beaming, blithe, blithesome, bright, bright and sunny, charmed, cheerful, cheery, comfortable, content, contented, convivial, cozy, delighted, easy, elated, eupeptic, euphoric, exalted, exhilarated, favorably impressed with, festal, festive, flushed, gala, gay, genial, glad, glowing, gratified, happy, high, hilarious, hopeful, in clover, in good spirits, in high spirits, intrigued, irrepressible, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, laughing, merry, merrymaking, of good cheer, on the loose, optimistic, pleasant, pleased, pleased as Punch, pleased with, radiant, riant, rosy, sanguine, sanguineous, satisfied, smiling, sold on, sparkling, sunny, taken with, thrilled, tickled, tickled pink, tickled to death, winsome