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Meaning of CLOCK

Pronunciation:  klâk

Matching Terms:  cloche, clock dial, clock face, clock golf, clock in, clock off, clock on, clock out, clock pendulum, clock radio, clock rate, clock speed, clock time, clock tower, clock up, clock watcher, clocking, clocklike, clockmaker, clocks, clocksmith, clock-watching, clockwise, clockwise rotation, clockwork, clockwork universe

Computing Dictionary

A processor's clock or one cycle thereof. The relative execution times of instructions on a computer are usually measured by number of clock cycles rather than seconds. One good reason for this is that clock rates for various models of the computer may increase as technology improves, and it is usually the relative times one is interested in when discussing the instruction set.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: beat time, Big Ben, brood, chronometer, clock movement, clockworks, cover, fix the time, horologe, horologium, keep time, mark time, measure time, set, set the time, sit, ticker, time, timekeeper, timepiece, timer, turnip, watch, watchworks