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Meaning of SILVER

Pronunciation:  'silvur

Matching Terms:  silver age, silver ash, silver beech, silver bell, silver berry, silver birch, silver book, silver bromide, silver bullet, silver certificate, silver chloride, silver city, silver dollar, silver fern, silver fir, silver fox, silver grass, silver gray, silver grey, silver hake, silver iodide, silver jenny, silver jubilee, silver lace vine, silver lime, silver linden, silver lining, silver maple, silver medal, silver mine, silver nitrate, silver oak, silver perch, silver pine, silver plate, silver protein, silver quandong, silver quandong tree, silver sage, silver sagebrush, silver salmon, silver screen, silver solder, silver spoon, silver spruce, silver standard, silver star, silver star medal, silver state, silver storm, silver thatch, silver tree, silver tree fern, silver vine, silver wattle, silver wedding anniversary, silver whiting, silver willow, silverback, silverbell tree, silver-bell tree, silverberry, silverbill, silverboom, silverbush, silverfin, silverfish, silver-gray, silveriness, silvering, silverish, silverite, silverize, silverlace, silver-lace, silverleaf nightshade, silver-leaved nettle, silver-leaved nightshade, silver-leaved poplar, silverless, silverling, silverly, silvern, silverplate, silverpoint, silverrod, silverside, silversides, silversmith, silverspot, silversword, silvertip, silver-tongued, silvertop palmetto, silvervine, silverware, silverweed, silverwork, silverworker, silvery, silvery spleenwort, silvery wormwood, silvex

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Seeing silver in your dream, symbolizes the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself.