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Meaning of MODEST

Pronunciation:  'mâdest

Matching Terms:  modest moussorgsky, modest mussorgsky, modest petrovich moussorgsky, modest petrovich mussorgsky, modestly, modestness, modesty

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are being modest indicates that you need to be less arrogant and/or assertive in your real-life situations. You need to show more humility and be more even-tempered. Alternatively, it suggests that you have some minor concerns about a situation.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: aloof, altruistic, backward, bashful, becoming, betwixt and between, blank, boggling, budget, cheap, chilled, chilly, clean, cold, committed, common, consecrated, constrained, cool, coy, decent, decorous, dedicated, delicate, demeaning, demure, demurring, detached, devoted, diffident, disadvantaged, discreet, disinterested, distant, dry, dull, easy, economic, economy, elegant, expressionless, fair, fair to middling, fairish, faltering, forbidding, frigid, frosty, frugal, guarded, hesitant, hesitating, homely, humble, humble-looking, humblest, humble-visaged, icy, immaculate, impassive, impersonal, in the shade, inaccessible, inconspicuous, indifferent, inexpensive, inferior, infra dig, inglorious, innocuous, insipid, introverted, junior, lackluster, least, less, lesser, limited, low, lower, lowest, lowliest, lowly, low-priced, manageable, mean, mediocre, medium, meek, middling, minor, moderate, namby-pamby, nice, nominal, of a kind, of a sort, of sorts, offish, Olympian, ordinary, passable, plain, poor, priggish, prim, prissy, proper, prudish, pure, puritanical, qualmish, reasonable, reluctant, remote, removed, repressed, reserved, respectable, restrained, restricted, reticent, retiring, sacrificing, scrupulous, second rank, second string, secondary, seemly, self-abasing, self-abnegating, self-abnegatory, self-conscious, self-denying, self-devoted, self-effacing, self-forgetful, self-immolating, selfless, self-neglectful, self-neglecting, self-renouncing, self-sacrificing, self-unconscious, sensible, servile, shabby, shoddy, shrinking, shy, silent, simple, small, so-so, spotless, squeamish, stainless, standoff, standoffish, stickling, straitlaced, stuffy, sub, subaltern, subdued, subject, subordinate, subservient, suppressed, teachable, tedious, temperate, third rank, third string, timid, timorous, token, tolerable, unacquisitive, unaffable, unambitious, unapproachable, unaspiring, unassertive, unassuming, unassured, unblemished, unboastful, uncongenial, undefiled, undemonstrative, underprivileged, understated, undistinguished, unelaborate, unembellished, unexaggerated, unexceptional, unexpansive, unexpensive, ungenial, unimportant, unimposing, unobtrusive, unornamented, unostentatious, unpossessive, unpresuming, unpresumptuous, unpretending, unpretentious, unselfish, unsparing of self, unsullied, vapid, vulgar, wishy-washy, withdrawing, withdrawn, within means, worth the money