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Meaning of OLYMPIAN

Pronunciation:  ow'limpeeun

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  a classical Greek god after the overthrow of the Titans
  2. [n]  an athlete who participates in the Olympic games
  3. [adj]  far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree; "a night of exceeding darkness"; "an exceptional memory"; "olympian efforts to save the city from bankruptcy"; "the young Mozart's prodigious talents"
  4. [adj]  majestic in manner or bearing; superior to mundane matters; "his majestic presence"; "olympian detachment"; "olympian beauty and serene composure"
  5. [adj]  of or pertaining to the greater gods of ancient Greece whose abode was Mount Olympus; "Olympian deities"
  6. [adj]  of the region of Olympia in Greece or its inhabitants; "Olympian plain"

OLYMPIAN is a 8 letter word that starts with O.


 Synonyms: exceeding, exceptional, extraordinary, majestic, Olympic, Olympic god, prodigious, superior, surpassing
 See Also: athlete, Greek deity, jock



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\O*lym"pi*an\ (-an), Olympic \O*lym"pic\ (-p[i^]k), a.
[L. Olympius, Olympicus, Gr. 'Oly`mpios, 'Olympiko`s, fr.
'O`lympos: cf. F. olympique. See {Olympiad}.]
Of or pertaining to Olympus, a mountain of Thessaly, fabled
as the seat of the gods, or to Olympia, a small plain in

{Olympic games}, or {Olympics} (Greek Antiq.), the greatest
   of the national festivals of the ancient Greeks,
   consisting of athletic games and races, dedicated to
   Olympian Zeus, celebrated once in four years at Olympia,
   and continuing five days.

Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: above all that, aerial, airy, aloof, altitudinous, apathetic, ascending, aspiring, backward, bashful, beatific, beatified, benumbed, blah, blank, blase, blessed, candid, celestial, chilled, chilly, cold, colossal, comatose, constrained, cool, desensitized, detached, discreet, disinterested, dispassionate, distant, dominating, dull, elevated, Elysian, eminent, ethereal, exalted, exclusive, expressionless, extramundane, extraterrestrial, forbidding, frigid, from on high, frosty, glorified, guarded, haughty, heartless, heavenly, hebetudinous, high, high-pitched, high-reaching, high-set, high-up, hopeless, icy, impartial, impassive, impersonal, in a stupor, in glory, inaccessible, indifferent, insouciant, introverted, languid, Laodicean, lethargic, listless, lofty, modest, monumental, mounting, neutral, nonchalant, numb, numbed, offish, otherworldly, outtopping, overlooking, overtopping, paradisaic, paradisal, paradisiac, paradisic, passive, phlegmatic, pluckless, prominent, remote, removed, repressed, reserved, resigned, restrained, reticent, retiring, seclusive, selfless, shrinking, slack, sluggish, soaring, soporific, spiring, spiritless, spunkless, standoff, standoffish, steep, stoic, stupefied, subdued, sublime, superlative, supernal, supine, suppressed, topless, toplofty, topping, torpid, towering, towery, transcendental, transmundane, unaffable, unapproachable, unbiased, uncaring, unconcerned, uncongenial, undemonstrative, unearthly, unexpansive, ungenial, uninfluenced, uninterested, unselfish, unswayed, unworldly, uplifted, upreared, withdrawn