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Meaning of HUNTING

Pronunciation:  'hunting

Matching Terms:  hunting and gathering, hunting and gathering society, hunting and gathering tribe, hunting crop, hunting dog, hunting expedition, hunting ground, hunting guide, hunting knife, hunting licence, hunting license, hunting lodge, hunting permit, hunting season, hunting spider, hunting watch, huntingdon elm, huntingdon willow, huntington, huntington's chorea, huntington's disease

Dream Dictionary
 Definition: Dreaming that you are hunting indicates that you are seeking or pursuing to fulfill some inner desires, either emotional or physical. You may be in hunt for a solution or in pursuit of a sexual conquest. Dreaming that you hunt and kill an animal means that you are trying to repress or destroy an instinctive part of yourself. Dreaming that you are being hunted indicates that you are being overwhelmed by life's challenges. Seeing someone else hunting an animal in your dream, suggests that you are trying to locate a hidden aspect of your own self. You be trying to indirectly approach a challenge or situation.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: analog process, angling, behavior pattern, chase, chevy, chivy, coursing, cynegetic, cynegetics, digital process, dogging, domiciliary visit, dragnet, exploration, falconry, feeling, fishing, follow, following, follow-up, forage, fox hunting, frisk, gunning, halieutic, hawking, house-search, hue and cry, hunt, in full cry, in hot pursuit, in pursuit, input oscillation, offset, oscillatory behavior, overcorrection of error, overshoot, perquisition, piscatorial, piscatory, posse, probe, process, prosecution, pursuance, pursuant, pursuing, pursuit, quest, questing, ransacking, rummage, search, search party, search warrant, search-and-destroy operation, searching, seeking, self-excitation, shadowing, shikar, shooting, sport, sporting, stalk, stalking, still hunt, tracking, tracking down, trailing, turning over, venery