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WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  on the Italian or Roman side of the Alps; "ancient cisalpine Gaul included an area south and east of the Alps"
  2. [adj]  on or relating to or characteristic of the region or peoples beyond the Alps from Italy (or north of the Alps); "ancient transalpine Gaul was an area northwest of the Alps and included modern France and Belgium"; "Cracow was a transalpine university"

ULTRAMONTANE is a 12 letter word that starts with U.


 Synonyms: cisalpine, cismontane, tramontane, transalpine, transmontane



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Ul`tra*mon"tane\, [LL. ultramontanus; L. ultra
    beyond + montanus belonging to a mountain, from mons, montis,
    mountain: cf. F. ultramontain, It. ultramontano. See
    {Ultra-}, and {Mountain}.]
    Being beyond the mountains; specifically, being beyond the
    Alps, in respect to the one who speaks.
    Note: This term was first applied, somewhat contemptuously,
          by the Italians, to the nations north of the Alps,
          especially the Germans and French, their painters,
          jurists, etc. At a later period, the French and Germans
          applied it to the Italians. It is now more particularly
          used in respect to religious matters; and ultramontane
          doctrines, when spoken of north of the Alps, denote the
          extreme views of the pope's rights and supremacy
          maintained by Bellarmin and other Italian writers.
  2. \Ul`tra*mon"tane\, n.
    1. One who resides beyond the mountains, especially beyond
       the Alps; a foreigner.
    2. One who maintains extreme views favoring the pope's
       supremacy. See {Ultramontanism}.