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Meaning of THORP

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Thorp\, Thorpe \Thorpe\(th[^o]rp), n. [AS. [thorn]orp;
akin to OS. & OFries. thorp, D. dorp, G. dorf, Icel.
[thorn]orp, Dan. torp, Sw. torp a cottage, a little farm,
Goth. [thorn]a['u]rp a field, and probably to Lith. troba a
building, a house, W. tref a hamlet, Ir. treabh a farmed
village, a tribe, clan, Gael. treabhair houses, and perhaps
to L. turba a crowd, mult. Cf. {Dorp}.]
A group of houses in the country; a small village; a hamlet;
a dorp; -- now chiefly occurring in names of places and
persons; as, Althorp, Mablethorpe. ``Within a little thorp I
staid.'' --Fairfax.

      Then thorpe and byre arose in fire.      --Tennyson.