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Meaning of SYNOD

Pronunciation:  'sinud

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  a council convened to discuss ecclesiastical business

SYNOD is a 5 letter word that starts with S.


 See Also: council



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Syn"od\ (s[i^]n"[u^]d), n. [L. synodus, Gr. sy`nodos a
meeting; sy`n with + "odo`s a way; cf. AS. sino[eth],
seno[eth], F. synode, both from the Latin.]
1. (Eccl. Hist.) An ecclesiastic council or meeting to
   consult on church matters.

Note: Synods are of four kinds: 1. General, or ecumenical,
      which are composed of bishops from different nations;
      -- commonly called general council. 2. National,
      composed of bishops of one nation only. 3. Provincial,
      in which the bishops of only one province meet; --
      called also convocations. 4. Diocesan, a synod in which
      the bishop of the diocese or his representative
      presides. Among Presbyterians, a synod is composed of
      several adjoining presbyteries. The members are the
      ministers and a ruling elder from each parish.

2. An assembly or council having civil authority; a
   legislative body.

         It hath in solemn synods been decreed, Both by the
         Syracusians and ourselves, To admit no traffic to
         our adverse towns.                    --Shak.

         Parent of gods and men, propitious Jove! And you,
         bright synod of the powers above.     --Dryden.

3. (Astron.) A conjunction of two or more of the heavenly
   bodies. [R.] --Milton.