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Meaning of SIEGE

Pronunciation:  seej

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  the action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place and isolates it while continuing to attack

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 Synonyms: beleaguering, besieging, military blockade
 See Also: Alamo, Atlanta, Bataan, battle of Atlanta, blockade, Corregidor, Dien Bien Phu, encirclement, Lucknow, Orleans, Petersburg, Petersburg Campaign, Pleven, Plevna, siege of Orleans, siege of Syracuse, siege of Vicksburg, Syracuse, Vicksburg, Yorktown



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Siege\, n. [OE. sege, OF. siege, F. si[`e]ge a seat, a
    siege; cf. It. seggia, seggio, zedio, a seat, asseggio,
    assedio, a siege, F. assi['e]ger to besiege, It. & LL.
    assediare, L. obsidium a siege, besieging; all ultimately fr.
    L. sedere to sit. See {Sit}, and cf. {See}, n.]
    1. A seat; especially, a royal seat; a throne. [Obs.] ``Upon
       the very siege of justice.'' --Shak.
             A stately siege of sovereign majesty, And thereon
             sat a woman gorgeous gay.             --Spenser.
             In our great hall there stood a vacant chair . . .
             And Merlin called it ``The siege perilous.''
    2. Hence, place or situation; seat. [Obs.]
             Ah! traitorous eyes, come out of your shameless
             siege forever.                        --Painter
                                                   (Palace of
    3. Rank; grade; station; estimation. [Obs.]
             I fetch my life and being From men of royal siege.
    4. Passage of excrements; stool; fecal matter. [Obs.]
             The siege of this mooncalf.           --Shak.
    5. The sitting of an army around or before a fortified place
       for the purpose of compelling the garrison to surrender;
       the surrounding or investing of a place by an army, and
       approaching it by passages and advanced works, which cover
       the besiegers from the enemy's fire. See the Note under
    6. Hence, a continued attempt to gain possession.
             Love stood the siege, and would not yield his
             breast.                               --Dryden.
    7. The floor of a glass-furnace.
    8. A workman's bench. --Knught.
    {Siege gun}, a heavy gun for siege operations.
    {Siege train}, artillery adapted for attacking fortified
  2. \Siege\, v. t.
    To besiege; to beset. [R.]
          Through all the dangers that can siege The life of man.