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Meaning of SHAGREEN

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Sha*green"\, v. t.
    To chagrin. [Obs.]
  2. \Sha*green"\, n. [F. chagrin, It. zigrino, fr. Turk.
    saghri the back of a horse or other beast of burden,
    shagreen. Cf. {Chagrin}.]
    1. A kind of untanned leather prepared in Russia and the
       East, from the skins of horses, asses, and camels, and
       grained so as to be covered with small round granulations.
       This characteristic surface is produced by pressing small
       seeds into the grain or hair side when moist, and
       afterward, when dry, scraping off the roughness left
       between them, and then, by soaking, causing the portions
       of the skin which had been compressed or indented by the
       seeds to swell up into relief. It is used for covering
       small cases and boxes.
    2. The skin of various small sharks and other fishes when
       having small, rough, bony scales. The dogfishes of the
       genus {Scyllium} furnish a large part of that used in the
  3. \Sha*green"\, Shagreened \Sha*greened"\a.
    1. Made or covered with the leather called shagreen. ``A
       shagreen case of lancets.'' --T. Hook.
    2. (Zo["o]l.) Covered with rough scales or points like those
       on shagreen.