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Meaning of QUINCUNX

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Quin"cunx\, n. [L., fr. quinque five + uncia an ounce.
The quincunx was marked by five small spots or balls. See
{Five}, and {Ounce} the weight.]
1. An arrangement of things by fives in a square or a
   rectangle, one being placed at each corner and one in the
   middle; especially, such an arrangement of trees repeated
   indefinitely, so as to form a regular group with rows
   running in various directions.

2. (Astrol.) The position of planets when distant from each
   other five signs, or 150[deg]. --Hutton.

3. (Bot.) A quincuncial arrangement, as of the parts of a
   flower in [ae]stivation. See {Quincuncial}, 2.