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Pronunciation:  'privulijd

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [adj]  confined to an exclusive or group; "privy to inner knowledge"; "inside information"; "privileged information"
  2. [adj]  blessed with privileges; "the privileged few"
  3. [adj]  not subject to usual rules or penalties; "a privileged statement"

PRIVILEGED is a 10 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: advantaged, exclusive, exempt, favored, inner, inside
 Antonyms: underprivileged
 See Also: fortunate, rich



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
\Priv"i*leged\, a.
Invested with a privilege; enjoying a peculiar right,
advantage, or immunity.

{Privileged communication}. (Law)
(a) A communication which can not be disclosed without the
    consent of the party making it, -- such as those made by
    a client to his legal adviser, or by persons to their
    religious or medical advisers.
(b) A communication which does not expose the party making it
    to indictment for libel, -- such as those made by persons
    communicating confidentially with a government, persons
    consulted confidentially as to the character of servants,

{Privileged debts} (Law), those to which a preference in
   payment is given out of the estate of a deceased person,
   or out of the estate of an insolvent. --Wharton.

{Privileged witnesses} (Law) witnesses who are not obliged to
   testify as to certain things, as lawyers in relation to
   their dealings with their clients, and officers of state
   as to state secrets; also, by statute, clergymen and
   physicans are placed in the same category, so far as
   concerns information received by them professionally.