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Meaning of PREST

Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Prest\,
    imp. & p. p. of {Press}.
  2. \Prest\, a. [OF. prest, F. pr[^e]t, fr. L. praestus ready.
    Cf. {Presto}.]
    1. Ready; prompt; prepared. [Obs.]
             All prest to such battle he was.      --R. of
    2. Neat; tidy; proper. [Obs.] --Tusser.
    {Prest money}, money formerly paid to men when they enlisted
       into the British service; -- so called because it bound
       those that received it to be ready for service when called
  3. \Prest\, n. [OF. prest, F. pr[^e]t, fr. OF. prester to
    lend, F. pr[^e]ter, fr. L. praestare to stand before, to
    become surety for, to fulfill, offer, supply; prae before +
    stare to stand. See {Pre-}, and {Stand}, and cf. {Press} to
    force into service.]
    1. Ready money; a loan of money. [Obs.]
             Requiring of the city a prest of six thousand marks.
    2. (Law) A duty in money formerly paid by the sheriff on his
       account in the exchequer, or for money left or remaining
       in his hands. --Cowell.
  4. \Prest\, v. t.
    To give as a loan; to lend. [Obs.]
          Sums of money . . . prested out in loan. --E. Hall.