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Pronunciation:  `purpun'dikyûlur

WordNet Dictionary
  1. [n]  an extremely steep face
  2. [n]  a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity; used to determine the vertical from a given point
  3. [n]  a Gothic style in 14th and 15th century England; characterized by vertical lines, a four-centered (Tudor) arch, fan vaulting
  4. [n]  a straight line at right angles to another line
  5. [adj]  extremely steep; "the great perpendicular face of the cliff"
  6. [adj]  at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line; "a vertical camera angle"; "the monument consists of two vertical pillars supporting a horizontal slab"; "measure the perpendicular height"
  7. [adj]  intersecting at or forming right angles; "the axes are perpendicular to each other"

PERPENDICULAR is a 13 letter word that starts with P.


 Synonyms: English-Gothic, English-Gothic architecture, normal, orthogonal, perpendicular style, plumb, plumb line, rectangular, right, steep, unsloped, upended, upright, vertical
 Antonyms: horizontal, inclined, oblique, parallel
 See Also: cord, face, Gothic, Gothic architecture, lead line, plumb, plumb bob, plumb rule, plummet, sounding line, straight, straight line, Tudor architecture



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Per`pen*dic"u*lar\, a. [L. perpendicularis,
    perpendicularius: cf. F. perpendiculaire. See {Perpendicle},
    1. Exactly upright or vertical; pointing to the zenith; at
       right angles to the plane of the horizon; extending in a
       right line from any point toward the center of the earth.
    2. (Geom.) At right angles to a given line or surface; as,
       the line ad is perpendicular to the line bc.
    {Perpendicular style} (Arch.), a name given to the latest
       variety of English Gothic architecture, which prevailed
       from the close of the 14th century to the early part of
       the 16th; -- probably so called from the vertical style of
       its window mullions.
  2. \Per`pen*dic"u*lar\, n.
    1. A line at right angles to the plane of the horizon; a
       vertical line or direction.
    2. (Geom.) A line or plane falling at right angles on another
       line or surface, or making equal angles with it on each
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: air line, axis, azimuth circle, beeline, chord, diagonal, diameter, direct line, directrix, edge, erect, great-circle course, normal, orthodiagonal, orthogonal, orthometric, plumb, plunging, precipitous, radius, radius vector, rectangular, right angle, right line, right-angle, right-angled, right-angular, secant, segment, sheer, shortcut, side, stand-up, steep, straight, straight course, straight line, straight stretch, straightaway, straight-up, straight-up-and-down, streamline, tangent, transversal, up-and-down, upright, vector, vertical, vertical circle