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Meaning of OUTSKIRTS

Pronunciation:  'awtskurts

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  outlying areas (as of a city or town); "they lived on the outskirts of Houston" or"they mingled in the outskirts of the crowd"

OUTSKIRTS is a 9 letter word that starts with O.


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Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: alentours, ambience, ambit, antipodes, bamboo curtain, banlieue, barrio, Berlin wall, black ghetto, blighted area, boom town, border, border ground, borderland, borderlands, borders, borough, boundaries, bounds, bourg, bourns, Bowery, burg, burgh, business district, central city, China, Chinatown, circle, circuit, circumambiencies, circumference, circumjacencies, circumscription, circumstances, city, city center, compass, confines, context, conurbation, coordinates, core, Darkest Africa, downtown, East End, East Side, edge, edges, entourage, environing circumstances, environment, environs, exurb, exurbia, exurbs, faubourg, fringes, frontier, frontier post, gestalt, ghetto, ghost town, God knows where, godforsaken place, greater city, greenbelt, Greenland, habitat, inner city, iron curtain, jumping-off place, limitations, limits, Little Hungary, Little Italy, march, marches, marchland, market town, megalopolis, metes, metes and bounds, metropolis, metropolitan area, midtown, milieu, municipality, neighborhood, North Pole, nowhere, outback, Outer Mongolia, outer space, outlines, outpost, outposts, Pago Pago, pale, parameters, perimeter, periphery, Pillars of Hercules, pole, polis, precincts, purlieus, red-light district, residential district, run-down neighborhood, shopping center, Siberia, situation, skid road, skid row, skirts, slum, slums, South Pole, spread city, Stadt, suburb, suburbia, suburbs, surroundings, tenderloin, tenement district, the boondocks, the Great Divide, the moon, the South Seas, the sticks, the tullies, three-mile limit, Thule, Tierra del Fuego, Timbuktu, total environment, town, township, twelve-mile limit, Ultima Thule, uptown, urban blight, urban complex, urban sprawl, urbs, verges, vicinage, vicinity, ville, West End, West Side, Yukon