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Meaning of ORATORY

Pronunciation:  'oru`towree

WordNet Dictionary
[n]  addressing an audience formally (usually a long and rhetorical address and often pompous); "he loved the sound of his own oratory"

ORATORY is a 7 letter word that starts with O.


 See Also: address, declamation, keynote address, keynote speech, nominating address, nominating speech, nomination, oration, speech, stump speech, valediction, valedictory, valedictory address



Webster's 1913 Dictionary
  1. \Or"a*to*ry\, n.; pl. {Oratories}. [OE. oratorie, fr. L.
    oratorium, fr. oratorius of praying, of an orator: cf. F.
    oratoire. See {Orator}, {Oral}, and cf. {Oratorio}.]
    A place of orisons, or prayer; especially, a chapel or small
    room set apart for private devotions.
          An oratory [temple] . . . in worship of Dian.
          Do not omit thy prayers for want of a good oratory, or
          place to pray in.                        --Jer. Taylor.
    {Fathers of the Oratory} (R. C. Ch.), a society of priests
       founded by St. Philip Neri, living in community, and not
       bound by a special vow. The members are called also
  2. \Or"a*to*ry\, n. [L. oratoria (sc. ars) the oratorical
    The art of an orator; the art of public speaking in an
    eloquent or effective manner; the exercise of rhetorical
    skill in oral discourse; eloquence. ``The oratory of Greece
    and Rome.'' --Milton.
          When a world of men Could not prevail with all their
          oratory.                                 --Shak.
Thesaurus Terms
 Related Terms: address, articulateness, articulation, chantry, chapel, chapel of ease, chapel royal, command of language, command of words, debating, declamation, demagogism, diction, effective style, elocution, eloquence, eloquent tongue, enunciation, expression, expressiveness, facundity, felicitousness, felicity, fluency, forensics, gift of expression, gift of gab, glibness, grandiloquence, graphicness, homiletics, Lady chapel, lecturing, magniloquence, meaningfulness, oratorium, platform oratory, public speaking, pyrotechnics, rabble-rousing, rhetoric, sacellum, sacrament chapel, sacrarium, school chapel, side chapel, silver tongue, slickness, smoothness, speaking, speechcraft, speechification, speeching, speechmaking, stump speaking, vividness, wordcraft